The Buried Continent Part I: Troggub's Maw

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  2. I've sent messages to ata about this what good is these events if u keep giving us stuff we no longer need?.Like these crests!!! I dont need lowlsnd or hightland or abyass crests and they are just taking up space.if you truely want to help the mids or my case due to nrw lands a small then take the time to give us items that will actually help us grow.Its so expensive it takes wah to many crystals and ztas to get 1 land bought.I know thats the point but ppl are gona burn out and instead of a lil money being spent your stuck with nothing.Your losing your mids and small player base.I"m not asking for something for nothing i buy my shsre of sods and crystals but it's overwhelming trying to grow
  3. Actually, they arent losing those mids and smalls that you claim they are.

    However, if they listened to you, and got rid of crestplate rewards, they probably would.
  4. reread it again i didnt say get rid of them as u clain i said give ppl what they need to grow and have you seem all the inactive acct i guess not
  5. Idk bout yall yall but ive gotten a solid 18 mil cs from plates
  6. For the majority of KAW these crests are pointless,most of the mid's require osman rai crests not LL HL or HF.With the assists given to the newbies LL n HL should be BC'ed in a month just more added clutter to the profile pge to go with all the past event n legend clutter.
  7. well put
  8. Idk I just tear down builds and use crest plates when I have enough to max out the building. 1200 abyss crestplates is 1 lvl 10 building. Your welcome.

    Solving problems since 1986?
  9. Entirely disagree. As a 150+mcs build I actually do have a use for those crestplates.
    And no, I don't feel it's a clutter to my profile page.

    It may seem like I don't need crestplates at this rate today, I will need it in the future in case I want to change my build.
  10. Agree with the two posts above

  11. You just confirmed what I said that the crestplates given out do not help ppl to grow today,noticed I said today,future use for them is only a possible not a guarantee.
  12. You do realise you can get trillions in gold from using the crestplates to tear down and rebuild buildings right?
  13. A pointless waste of time,what's a couple of tril when ug's are running 10 tril or better for a lot of ppl.Also with the costs for Deepmine n it's builds a couple of tril is peanuts.
  14. But that wasn't the point you were trying to make...

    You can use the crest plate's everyone can.
  15. PC Players are screwed with this Event, with you having to collect rewards each tier.

    PC Players cant collect rewards period, meaning they cant collect rewards every tier so then we have to use an android emulator.

    PC players basically missed out on trillions.
  16. What's so hard about logging into your account on your smartphone? If you have a PC, how do you not have a phone? If you have Internet, how do you not have data?
  17. For the love of god slow down on the events
  18. Just take a couple of days off from KAW instead and let those who enjoy the constant chase ... well enjoy it.

  19. It's been 1hr 10mins and no event
  20. Because i play PC more than phone.

    Shouldnt have to switch device just for rewards