The Blood Rains - Epic Battle Challenges

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Basically, once the new challenges come out at noon you will no longer be able to start the existing ones. However, you will be able to continue any that are currently in progress and earn rewards from them as you normally would.
  2. What is Thursday eb
  3. when info abt new blood rain eb will be out??
  4. U could at least let us know what ebs. Or is that too much to ask for lmao
  5. What r next ebs devs. U sleeping
  6. For planning, it would have been useful to know, at least a little in advance, what was coming. You did so for the first series, so that was expected for the others.
  7. Okay we should have gotten new EB now.
  8. Ohh its the frozen city and the forgotten ones.
  9. The next two Epic Battle Challenges are now live!

    Try your hands at The Forgotten Ones and The Frozen City
  10. Patience guys.. it will be out soon :p
  11. Tfc in 4 hours :O
  12. Another good selection kaw com 

    Now reply to the change your build thread 
  13. Shouldn't harder ebs give more bonuses? Why are they still the same as before? :(
  14. Wat these spells don't stack?? U need to take that old event thing out. We thought by old event u meant one which ended today. U greedy devs.
  15. Make one for HTE !!!
  16. Lol 1 hour for HTE with 15% bonus sounds pretty dam good
  17. 8 or 9% for TFC would have been really cool and worth it. I might wait out the next round and see what's on the plate for Saturday...