The big strip farming

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Sissy-Girl, Oct 2, 2015.

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  1. Congrats to WDGAF for the 1300 T strip. You did a great job, but don't think you know the reason why:
    Reason was MV or his alt Mirs: I attacked him when he optioned in and he started crying he had 52 T out ... and said he will take revenge and arrange a strip farming. That's why I blocked the noob, knowing that will happen.
    Compared to him, I am not but-hurt. To be true, you guys did a big favor to me. I am tired of the game, and this makes it easy for me to stop playing.
    So thanks a lot to the guys who helped me this way. Only thing I am sad about that you acted without thinking ... just shows you are brainless.
    Good luck to all staying in KaW.
    Ps: not answering or following anyone. RL is more important. Also thanks KaW for the good time.
  2. Nice to meet you, I'm -Narwhal.
  3. Respect bro!!!!
  4. Farewell.

    I'm glad things worked out, however ironic it may be. :)
  5. We will miss your patronage.

    Goodluck with life!
  6. Wait you have 25mill sdt how did they clear you?
  7. Your one of the originals bud will miss you good luck in RL.
  8. Good luck Teja
  9. Have you seen the size of Hansels these days?
  10. Teja,

    I know you're content with this happening as you stated in the opening. It really saddens me to see it happen though, I knew you a few years back and were and still are a awesome person. I'm grateful I had the chance to know you and now that you get to enjoy life more as you say now, I wish you the best and you will not be forgotten :)

  11. Lol I can just imagine the noob tears.

    It's a good idea to opt in with 52 tril out guys, helps the economy.

    Lmao WDGAF does look a bit brainless from this point of view, following some butthurt noob.

    Couldn't win the pvp event fight so had to have others steal while Teja was away. How sad people can't just 1v1 pvp nowadays.
  12. Teja, u will always be a legend. My best owner :( I will miss u and good luck in RL man :'( I hope u return and hire me again someday.....
  13. Wow, the other thread was removed. You will be back teja. They always come back.
  14. More think about this the less I like it… So you just had dozens and dozens of players all gang up on one AFK player, spam them, and that supposed to be something to be proud of?

    Is that osw at its greatest? 100 beat up on 1 and we give them "mad respect"? I must be missing something, because I just don't get it…
  15. This will go also.

    Careful before IMF uses his app.

    Hint noob mods : I mean any app. No accusations here.
  16. Cortana, your butthurt is showing. Sad you have to accuse the innocent as you have. Please continue to hate on me and feel free to email ata support as many zafties have over the years. Can't ban what doesn't cheat. Maybe one day you'll stop whining and play at a higher skill level :)
  17. I Will miss you bro teja  all the best in RL
  18. Let me guess - Chaos crying and in his fit if rage graveyards the other thread - and we wonder why Kaw is dying
  19. Was it Chaos that deleted the other teja thread? Kaw players deserve answers and transparency.
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