the best war commanders

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  1. i 've had the pleasure of wc bringing us back from 10bil deficit from ally strip in indi ( Demerch) , also tonight in primal (rr imortal) lead us to win with 180 mcs disadvantage. I dont know who best is in k.a.w. but thats good example of person and team working good together for the win.
  2. Some Super Pro WC teach me how to :D
  3. Fonzy. Don't think any other WC has had a primal victory having been 400 Mcs down️

    But then again, a war com is only as good as his roster.
  4. Not true, a wc is great when they can take a smaller "weaker" roster and win thru strategy or any legit (not buying allies off a ps or having a mole account) means at their disposal. Yes, your team has to trust or at least follow you but I've seen and beat much better rosters due to their wc.
  5. Oops and yes Fonzy is an awesome wc.
  6. I've only been in 1 war, but trollmod23 was a great commander. He's been inactive though...
  7. Noob voting for himself using an alt 
  8. I nominate my2ndname
  9. Worst wc and organizer i have meet in kaw
  10. That's the joke lol
  11. I nominate myself cuz just that good.
  12. Tom,Bone,Sora (only people in my bracket that I know are really good wc's)
  13. Man, i didnt even get one shout out after all the indi wars i wc (mostly for sh) i remeber they would pin me first before anybody else, yall dont care about rep.
  14. Sylv lead me to victory using me in roster with nood attack build stats. Shes a true G Commander
  15. Best?
    His roster goes like this: redstar and cella then ssh sh.

    Still couldnt beat RH  oh wait
    Their roster goes like this also : SSH/SH roster.

    Probs to Dragon's Sanctuary for beating them.

    Best WC? Everyone can be the best. To to the best you have to beat the best or die like the rest.

    But Sylver is one of my top list for my own honest opinion.
  16. Best Wc in my humble opinion is poofacebill he was around when the proverbial  hit the fan back in 2012. He was infact the original WC used by many as a simple and humble toilet however he was much more than a toilet to me he was a friend, we use to read magazines together and sit together for hours on end.No matter how dirty he got he was always willing to take more, Use to let he hug him after long night out with the lads and drinking too much. So I vote poofacebill for WC for he really knew how to deal with 
  17. But syl's been beaten. So she's can't be the best right?
  18. Everyone hating on RH lmao
  19. RH was undoubtedly the best EE clan in the history of KaW, and if you deny that you must of not been around.
  20. I was around.

    They implemented the best "stacked" roster system first.

    Atrops is the man.