The Assault on ATA - Part 2

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  1. The Assault on ATA
    These apes have been destroying the animal kingdom and destroying kingdoms. Now is the time we take revenge on them!

    *This has been unstatedly approved by -Narwhal* <3 love you narmie

    #2. Retrieving the Apes - 14 Hours
    The Apes have been notified of your presence and are trying to escape! Catch them before they can!

    Phase 1
    Charge the sewers and alleys, you must find them!

    Scout: 200,000/200,000
    Scout the sewers for the apes, make sure there are no survivors hidden.

    Item: Black Death 1,300/1,300
    They may be drinking the sewer water, give it the Black Death! *regens by 1,299 every 2 minutes*

    Scout Main Bar to 67%

    Phase 2
    You found them hiding in the sewers. Attack them now while they're surprised!

    Attack: 450,000/450,000
    Attack the Valiant Knights the Apes send with all you have.

    Steal: 30,000/30,000 (optional)
    Steal the SOD money they left behind!

    Scout Main Bar to 33%

    Phase 3
    In another attempt to stop your charge, the remaining Apes summon a great beast of the mountains.

    Attack: 700,000/700,000
    They send the Great Moose of the forest to try and stop you, fight as hard as you can!

    Scout Main Bar to 0%

    You have captured some of the apes, but more still linger...

    10% More than HTE

    1. Item - A Cup of Jewels
    2. Antler Sword - 50,000,000 Attack/Spy
    3. Antler Hat - 30,000,000 Attack Defense/Spy Defense

    Eb #3 in the future!
  2. 30m Hat ;)
  3. 50% bonus on att and spys? Damn thats not broken.
  4. Not at all.
  5. Lol these stats seem way too high wouldn't like to even think of the cost of this eb.
  6. 100 Noob tears is about what the cost is.
  7. Put this thread in the "Best Of" section
  8. Or.....

    Stab eyes with fingers.
  9. Only 30,000 SOD money to steal?? Should have been more like 30,000,000,000...
  10. The antler hat says 30,000,00, I'm not the only one seeing that right
  11. in best of.
  12. Lets do this
  13. Disclaimer: I never approved only Emeth's stuff, all of my work is uncopyrighted so anyone could complete what I've started.
  14. good thread op
  15. I love this
  16. Love you to boo, and yes, it would be nice to have a group of people make the Assault on ATA Ebs. I just restarted the flame, anyone can make #3, I suggest waiting a few months however.