That Gremlin Thing

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  1. Censorship scares me
  2. The clown from Stephen King's "It" movie
  3. In the un PC days of the late 70's, Blackula sort of freaked me out. Now, all time worst movie made 
  4. I agree with you there, the devs are *censored*
  5. There's only one that I fear till now.
    He is THE GOD
  6. I used to not mind spiders.

    Then one day I saw my mother freaking out over one and they've scared me ever since.

    To-day I was filling up my car with gas/petrol the petrol/gas station. Half way through pumping, the huge stripy legs all of a sudden appeared from under the trigger bit and this massive Old World tarantula (allow me exaggeration rights here) came out and decided to dance the 'Whip it and nay nay' on the gas/petrol pump!

    Well! At this I ran away from my car and had to get the guy at the cash register to come out and finish everything of for me, whilst I was trying not to vomit.

    So, yeah. That was my day to-day.

    I found the Candyman thing horrifying as a child (saying 'Candyman' three times in the mirror at midnight)

    Or, that thing where if you're washing your face during the witching hour, if you look up into the mirror you'll see a demon standing behind you!
    NO WAY! I mean. I basically avoided and still avoid mirrors at night.
  7. Leather Face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Saw that for the first time when I was 12. Flew to Texas to visit my grandparents, and promptly freaked out on my parents when I got home after finding out it was based on true events.
  8. 
  9. Same! I hate them so much. This is the only clown i have laughed at...

  10. Suprised no one has mentioned spragga...

    Mine was the sheep from the film 'Black Sheep'. I spent many nights sleeping sitting down because I was on look out till I fell asleep.
  11. Probably zombies they creeped me out hard when i was younger
  12. As a child... once i found out Tasmanian devils were real, i thought that they did the whole cartoon tornado destruction thing
  13. I'm scared of cakes with fruit in them
  14. Why does it scare you? There hasn't been a REAL communist country yet, afraid it will work wonders?
  15. Russia...
  16. Your point? Stalin made Russia great, and it wasn't fully a communist country
  17. If the government is communist then the country is. And Stalin killed huge numbers of people and was a horrible man who never helped Russia in the slightest.
  18. The government wasn't communist...

    Ussr: Union of Soviet socialist republics...