T7L3 Now Available!

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  1. Can we have a Soc Hop too 
    Break out the Brylcream
    Sit around the radio n listen to comedy
  2. Very well put.
  3. was it really needed to quote that wall of text?
  4. Redstar is 82 mil cs

    Ata plz
  5. Hit ratio is too big .....

    I look forward to season 5 war matchups and roster manipulation .....

  6. I wanna try to stack 8 75m tanks with about 7 small ps and see if I can match a clan of 45m tanks 
  7. Lol 
  8. Now we need more new lands and buildings upgrades... cmon devs. Let's make the gap even wider. Hehe
  9. Please reduce cost of hoarfrost buildings to help us catch up. Thanks
  10. Devs can't reduce cost of HF, it would spark even more outrage than there is at the moment. They reduced cost of HL as their cost is tiny in the grand scheme of things, but those people who are HFBC have spent a lot of money and/or put in a lot of game time to get to where they are now
  11. Im a small ps :|
  12. That will work unfortunately lol
  13. Wars are messed up, what else is new
  14. You wont find 15 45 m tank roster is the reason why it wont work, if you used that roster you would meet us at death Lncarnate most likely.
  15. This is a joke, they need to make HF half price so the rest of us can catch up, Red has 4x my stats.
  16. Does not compute
  17. Because hansel stats are weighed more
  18. You're not meant to catch up.. They will ALWAYS be on top cos this is a game of money like everything else in life
  19. Get ready for T7L4 Soon!

    Estimated CA for BC attack builds, 100m!

    Who will be first???
  20. Not any of us any time soon..