T7L3 Now Available!

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  1. Look what you have done. You gave them the idea to release, wait for it, hold your breath. TaaDaaa - Haunting: The Escape (Extreme Edition)!
  2. that's already coming i garuntee it. I foresee a $10 item that opens an even better eb In the very near future
  3. Can I pay $12 for a seal instead of $6?

    Jk devs are never getting another cent out of me. Going to frame my last iTunes receipt for finally escaping my addiction to this dumb game.
  4. Wonder how many replies from KC we will see after the facts that were shown with both a link and a screenshot.
  5. Just a heads up
    12-15Seals=600+ USA dollars
    25lvl3=15000+ USA dollars
    So as yall can see. Im sure ya know where this is going. Especially when lvl4 comes out.

    P.S. kS
  6. Oh you think this game is going downhill now? Wait until APPLE forces ATA's hand and makes them take action against the botters. Then 40% of KaW will be banned, and no one will want to play anymore.
  7. How about a free opt in spell for OSW ppl.
    Once opted in n kingdoms cannot hit eb's.
    Can create new or better incentives also.
    More Achievements solely achieved from playing in an OSW. Along the lines of Rancor points or something totally revolutionary.
    Create a new set of PvP EQ..how to earn i leave to my betters to suggest ideas.

    Just a few random ideas...
    Pick apart or tweak away 
  8. ASF is paying out 50-150B. Theres not much of a problem with the price of the buildings if you can upgrade one building in 4-5 days.
  9. Count me in, I give up. Not a single cent from me on this game anymore. I'll just sit and watch and do whatever my clan does. I'm done with this.
  10. Your math is a bit out.

    $6 a seal...
  11. you have to have those buildings already in order to hit asof. :?

  12. Riiiiight.. Because you can bot on an iOS app through the iphone/ipad digitizer... Are you smoking something?
  13. Agree...botters in war sure r obvious at times
    40% is overstated though IMO
  14. Hes just 540$ off the 15 seal price. 90 not 600
  15. Hope there isnt so no lvl 4 for this tier
  16. are you trolling or do you really not know that people use bots? :?

    you are saying all sorts of silly things, so i will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are trolling.
  17. The idea that Apple gives a rats rear end on what PC gamers do on their flash portal is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard.

    If you're really suggesting that botting is taking place on an iOS touch screen device, you're just dumb.
  18. Before next year, the number one lb player will be 100m cs. The gap between spenders, average players, and the conservative people is now to far apart.

    The top spenders will be buying and be build complete almost soon and leave them ready for t8.
  19. You're an idiot, a lot of people bot here. I won't name any accounts, but if you keep track of certain people's battle wins it is very obvious. Either they have extreme insomnia or they're botting, place your bets.

    Every game has players who cheat, don't be an idiot and deny it