Swan Song

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  1. Swan Song.

    You have all saw my rants against the developers. The endless build tiers, the failed "attemps" at bridging the gap. The constant assault against all PvP that isn't EE. The inflation, the onslaught of premium events.

    Lack of updates to clan structure.

    You have to pay a lot of money to keep up, and even then you may fall and never be able to get and keep a competitive build.

    Moderator favoritism. Hell they even allowed one to come back from reset and another steal the Foxes game name from the actual clan. And foxes is one of the original clans.

    Outright silences and forum bans. It's crazy I can't even name the players who was banned or the clans they were in. But name and shame use to be the way of the game before the last host of bans.

    A lot of my mates have long quit this game and even forums have slowed down a lot because of this.

    Rant rant rant.

    That's about all I have done recently is just rant about how the Devs are killing this game. Though I still played; I guess I was invested.

    Hell I even made a total OSW ally guide and a detailed guide about converting all the numbers with builds, pots, allies, mith and equipment into combine stats.

    To those who I was invested in, I still love you all. You kept me here. Though, sadly, more and more of you are leaving everyday. That and this game just cost to much to get and keep a competive build. I will keep that green 3rd party app to say hi But it's time to call it a game; the right way.

    Transferred 2 trillion gold to New Age (BB's and build tear down)
    Small strip on a random player (for the laughs)

    Thank you New Age for all of the extremely fun times. It was truly a pleasure and an honor. Best clan in KAW.

    Thank you IDD for being awesome friends. You guys kick ass!

    To my old Foxes family, Thank you all for training me to play KAW when I was first starting out.

    To my friends I met in forums, world chat, player ran events, and in system events, it was fun, it was great.

    And to Cherry, thank you for being a wonderful friend. You are beautiful and stay classy.

    Stay hungry.
    Keep fighting
    Cause a riot or two in your life.
    Make it fun and always be you.

    This is Rusted_Knight_of_Serenity, signing off for the last time.

    Good Fight and Good Night.
  2. And there goes another wonderful member of this great community. Kudos to you devs, for killing this game as time goes on.

    To Rusted, it must've been hard to come to terms with deciding to quit kaw, it was a great game with great people, but you will realize that this decision was for the best, as it is now slowly dying.

    All of what I have to say to you Rusted can be boiled down to two words, Good Job.
  3. Good luck to you mate!
  4. Well you actually reset.. Respect..

    Best of luck bud.. Sad to see you go, but remember, it's always better on the other side ️
  5. i was wondering why the forums were so slow since i've been back.

    send me a line on what happened, eh?
  6. You're a cool player and person Rusty.. Best wishes in ur future endeavours.. Stay naughty
  7. I hate to see you leave Rusty, best of luck in your future endeavors.

  8. Sad to see you go bud. Good luck in life!
  9. Good luck in RL. Loss of a great player. Respect.
  10. It's been a long day. Without you my friend. And ill tell you all about it when I see you again!

    See ya on the flip side bro! Best of luck in real life!
  11. Sad to see rusty go and I just want to thank you for everything you've done for the community.
  12. Good luck in RL.
  13. Thats how to retire.....strip yourself reset n say your peace

    First credible retirement thread in ages.

    Fair play
  14. One less crybaby and noob  .....krusty nobody really cares
  15. Good Luck Mate
  16. Good luck in real life Rusted! Will never forget the times where you and Battlefield teached me how to osw in New Age!
  17. This absolutely blows. I'll miss you buddy.
  18. Best of luck in the real world mate.
    Sad to see you go.
    Hope you enjoy life and freedom from kaw more now.
  19. Sad to see a valuable player go, but best of luck to you with your life! And maybe untill next time! =)