Swan Song; My Final Goodbye, and the tears I shed

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by *Ahdragos (01), Oct 3, 2011.

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    I'm just gonna leave this here
  2. You were one of the first players who I heard of when joining.

    Good luck in life.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Ahdragos, I will miss our healthy discussions about Kingdoms at war. We truly do care for everyone and you will be missed. We offer everyone the same respect, no matter what is said and has been done, rights and wrongs. It's always the actions of the individual that speaks volumes. I'm glad I can be of assistance during the times of need and times of laughter.

    If I could share quotes to remember you by that shows your character on both sides of the spectrum:

    "I don't want to open up wc and be visually accosted by a damn kaleidoscope." (vanity color change, I laughed hard.)

    "Our issues were only because I expect nothing but perfection from you, take it as a strange sign of respect." (Flattered)

    As of today here is to you and 655 days of loyalty. Good luck in all your future endeavors, we wish you the best in all that life has to offer.
  4. ill i got from that is "couldnt make it to 500 days"
  5. kaw_admin

    You just made this 100x more serious.

    And depressing :'(
  6. Eagle, you're such a sweetie

  7. Best of right now :'(
  8. Then it'll leave AT, Possibly after a couple days
  9. i See Kaw_admin made a mistake on how long hed been playing, and wen with my estimate. I love that dork :roll: :lol:
  10. *I wouldn't make false accusations, it's against the rules. You have been warned.
  11. lol what a player
  12. I never really knew you apart from the occasional thread of yours that I lurked on. But I like you. "ahdragos Is a pretty cool guy; he fights aliens and doesn't afraid of anything."

    Enjoy life.
  13. D, you and I are as different as night and day yet alike in a way that only brothers can be! Words and politics were never my strength and right now if I had them they wouldn't be enough. Just want to let you know this redneck loves you like a brother! CR
  14. Wish you luck Ahdra! It still shocks me to think that you joined in 2010. I still consider you a super vet and a great help when none of the mods would answer my questions.


  15. TL;DR.

    But bye.
  16. Goodbye dragos, and goodluck outside kaw <3
  17. :cry:

    Bye  were gonna be losing a great player now
  18. Awww kaw_admin ^_^ thats so nice
  19. Dragos...don't know where to start...nothing I say or do will fully explain how much u've meant to me over our time here, or how much u still mean to me. From the first day I spoke to u I knew u would do great things. I came on to pal and there was an actual argument as to who found u first...who brought u to chaos? I still don't know lol I was automatically crazy protective of u...u became my little brother after only a few short weeks of being here. We later created Chaos Reborn together...we built one of the greatest clans in kaw history. You taught me how to give all for my clan...take nothing for myself. You are and always will be the greatest leader. A few words u spoke and hundreds were ready to fight for u...fight with u. Kaw will never be the same without u. For anyone reading this who didn't know dragos...the only people that have negative things to say about him are the few sad people who let jealousy speak for them. Dragos is a great person...he should be remembered only in the highest regards.

    Dragos...now I'd like to thank u. Not for anything u've done in kaw, but for all u've done for me in my real life. You've stood by me through the hardest times. You shed light on my darkest hours...u were there when nobody else was. You understood when nobody else would. We became friends because of kaw...but u became family outside kaw. You're leaving kaw and I'm actually happy. You're gonna achieve great things with this life of yours...I know it. When u do I'll be proud to say "that's my little bro..." and if someone gets in ur way...jus like in kaw...ill throw him a beating...lol

    "I'll have a gin
  20. "I'll have a gin