Swan Song; My Final Goodbye, and the tears I shed

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  1. Later man, we definitely had some interesting times. Wish you the Best.
  2. About time.
    Tears of a chump as your good bye anthem.
  3. I made my thoughts known to you first on pal, then on wc, but I'll post here for posterity.

    Kaw will miss you Ahdy. In the past 18 months, you and I have crossed paths on more than one occasion, and we've been at odds more than once.

    Sure, you can be an ass, but you and I both know we've been emotional douches and taken it out on Kaw.

    In many ways, I view you as a kindred spirit, and in many others, I just think you're a dick. Lol.

    Honestly, though, the people I truly respect for their knowledge of the game and willingness to lay it all on the line for the people they care for and respect is very short.

    You and JP have time and again exemplified that type of selflessness more than once. It's not every day that one finds a leader willing to sacrifice everything to protect those around him/her.

    We've had our differences in the past, but even when we met by me farming you for a bit, causing Galan to leave Foxes and Warlock politely asking me to stop, I never harbored ill will. You're a dick, that's indisputable, but you've also been a great friend to me, even when it undoubtedly caused you a great measure of personal pain.

    You will be missed by many, and more than you know.
  4. Goodbye and goodluck ahdy!
  5. *Come on Sin =/

    Keep it on topic please.
  6. Beautiful words, good luck!
  7. Tl;dr

    But kaw will be an odd place without you.
  8. Won't be the same without you
  9. [​IMG]

    Keep being gay. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. Good luck ahdragos . Yes i  cloverly too 
  11. Good luck I didnt get to know u but u seem cool hope u have a good time I promised myself I wouldn't cry ohh well 
  12. Bye! GL in real life!
  13. Good bye....

    We will always have ur best of thread. For posterity!

    I got to "this is Likely the longest post to touch the forums" and stopped. Sowwy
  14. Never knew you personally, but always hugely respected you. Sorry to see you go, and good luck wherever you go. 

  15. Best of luck in rl.

    Sholron, Far Alrahien Shan
  16. Ahdy we both know im not good with words, spelling, or puncsuation but i hope i can do you justice in your fairwell post. I wish you all the best in life buddy we both given eachother lots of laughs througout the years, only thing i regreat is not downloading kaw sooner. Sure we have had our shair of disagrements but thats what made cr so great. The multipal minds that brain stormed and problem solved. Ahdy formost youre a troll lol and a damn good one at that. Ill allways charish those memrable moments and talk about them like they just happened yesterday. Anytime i see a noob writeing poetry and causeing all sorts of **** ill be wondering. . . . . Ahdragos?

    Much love and respect JlGSAW (Hildy)CRBoss
  17. Didn't see this coming 
  18. this reminds me of the WOW south park when everybody is talking about their characters dying as if it was actually the person who was dying. this is ******* priceless, definitely gave me a good laugh thanks for that.
  19. Farewell ahdy! Don't worry so much about what your leaving behind bro; cuz whats up ahead is going to be a lot more than all of this put together!

  20. Ahdragos, I don't deserve a place on your list but I think I deserve my due. We weren't strong friends, but we were in good stead with each other when we fought together, way back last year. We spoke quite a bit, but when our clans split back we lapsed and haven't spoken since.

    I respect you my brother, and give you luck in all you do. Light up the Dark my Brother, and the Way is There.

    ~daTomoT, TSU Leader, Ex-CHAOS.

    Thank you.