Summer War, final result: Last Rights Wins.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Moose2, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Stripping isn't cheating..Id have more respect for a clan who does what they want than a clan who obeys non existent rules.
  2. LR kicked ***. Simple as that. Although I really thought that zaft was gonna win
  3. Laoda always have reasons for his loss. He never admits defeat.

    That's why he's a great leader and all the LBs follow him.

    Just a quick question. Wasn't LP and Suspect and canadiangal part of ZAFT? I thought ZAFT was not supposed to fight ZAFT?
  4. Umm okay cor right thats why none of the top 10 plunders are anywhere in LR already
  5. @Loser-Radar,get your main out please

    And Suspect,LP022,And CG are all Apart of FAITH(Atleast I know LP022 and CG are)
  6. Woot Woot!!  Congrats Last Rights
  7. So meaning ZD n Laoda all r sore loser . In any game for sure there will be a winner n loser . So pls zd dont be a sore loser . Congrats them when they win n be happy for winner n move on . Happy kawing cheers
  8. ^Another Alt?Jeez people post with your mains
  9. WHY IS THERE SO MANY LAST RIGHT MEMBERS ON THIS POST? I ain't seen any Zaft. May be wrong though.
  10. Aww now my feelings are all hurt and stuff.

    No, wait... Idga*
  11. @comly

    Zaft doesn't use forums.
  12. ZAFT don't post forums. LR however are like a democratic dictatorship, except we dictator what our enemies do while we do what we like.
  13. Oh, clever way to stop simple issues. Good thing to do. Many people get offended too quickly. To be honest, would of loved to war with either side. Seemed fun and would of learnt so much. Well done both sides. In my opinion. They all seem to know what they was doing, so why hate? You'd put yourself in their firing line. Yet, I think last rights, do love boasting about beating Zaft, who wouldn't though? They are so strong. Most respect to all of those who warred this war and many other wars.
  14. Correction, ZAFT does use forums..

    Only they use alts to do so...
  15. Either way, stops many issues. Yet If it a alt as you say, how can you prove it Zaft or any other person? Just saying, there is always gonna be doubt.
  16. I think this final shows how stupid sw on kaw has become. 40000 scouts n 40 attacks .

    Do people really want to play kaw to stay pinned for 24 hours and look for the odd opening?

    It takes a lotta dedication to play that way but I struggle to see the fun, skill or point. Boring way to spend leisure time in my opinion.
  17. Snr - well said. It takes no skill or talent level to fight a turtle war. All it takes is a group willing to give up 24 hours of their life to commit to a war.

    Angel - you use to talk more crap on sw than anyone. Glad to see you enjoy them now.

    As for a noob wouldn't begin to understand the strategy it takes to win a war like that let me give it a shot. Stay pinned for 24 and give up as few hits as possible. Sell off all your spy def pots so that when the enemy does get through they make barely a fraction what your side does when they get through. That about sum it up? Lol

    As for the Laoda question, Chances are LR didn't strip at all. Laoda just can't accept defeat and will make up whatever crock of crap he wants to fault others. he's always been that way. Why would he be any different now?
  18. Nothing in this game takes much skill nor talent. Commitment / dedication / activity is what is crucial in wars. I have always criticized the war system and always will. No matter what changes they make. Sw usually are pretty easy, I've never bothered to put much effort in the ASW wars I was in. But this one in particular was different, if someone thinks this was easy/simple then they should've organized a clan of 50 and won this themselves.