Summer War, final result: Last Rights Wins.

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Moose2, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Dammit just barfed my lunch.
  2. Reading through lines her but I think snr and angel may have issues 
  3. I think it may be love you need get together batter it out leave frustrations behind 
  4. I'd drink turpentine before even considering that.
  5. Lol trouble. That sounds hot. Screw the roster list.

    I'm curious- was moose in moose form or human form?
  6. Resolved discussion with KoTFE member earlier on walls/pm. He understands why. Didn't see this topic until recently.
  7. It looks like it was a Plunder war
  8. Lol magoo - My standards are not high as you know but ....
  9. Snr: "I'll leave the thread" and then an hour later...pitiful
  10. Anyone who complains about it being a turtle war should leave the thread, put it this way, if you were in the finals war, would u not have kept yourself pinned throughout? If not then your incredibly stupid, those that did not war shouldn't complain about the way the war unfolded.
  11. It was indeed turtle war.. No one complaint. Everyone including me stated the fact. Indeed you need to win by pinning and did what was needed to win. No one complaint. We merely stated the fact that that was dull and KaW had made this dull by not having a foresight of all the possible scenarios before rolling put this Swar.. The war was won by pinning all the time and let's move on as KaW has promised a change in war mechanics.
  12. Total agree LR won the final war all by gd strategy gd planning kudos to them well done . Zd n Laoda has no right to say LR win by stripping them n play cheat . Laoda u r just a bullies n sore loser n now laoda r farming them . Zaft member u guys should be shame for ur wrong doing . LR U guys r real warriors n winner . Happy kawing
  13. For those that didn't work it out .... I give you super nerdy = iProphet
  14. Lol Really? those that don't know I give you Tyr = super stupid
  15. Really? :shock:
  16. Great job last rights!! Very well played. U guys are a great clan and I'm glad I have had the privilege to war along side u all.

  17. Last Rights cheated to win. It wasn't any special strategy or tactics; it was only simple ally stripping.

    That's about it. Damn cheaters.
  18. For a start how is stripping cheating? When the devs announced summer wars where the hell was the rule saying 'no stripping'? Get the hell over it, LR won and your whining about false accusations isn't gonna change that.