Summer 2014 All Star Wars Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Build up and be ready to war. This is an awesome event
  2. If i change my build to P.S should not my rank will come down ?
  3. Yeah my rank droped in clan rankings. 
  4. It was originally top 2000.
  5. 1-2000 division
    2000-5000 division
    Would be awesome.
  6. Put me in coach.

  7. I wasn't in the top 10k leaderboard for the last ASW, after a few years hard KAW'ing I'm in this year. Stop moaning, put the kaw hours in and you might just make the next one peeps 
  8. Sweet. I can't wait
  9. I propose 2 Tiers: AllStarWars
  10. AllSmallWars for the rest
  11. Great to see All-Star wars back !!!

    Just a request though.. Please try to include Ally LB players too, so that you have more participation :)
  12. How can you tell if you were in the top 10k?
  13. I criticise when devs f up but they deserve credit when its due n a cant wsit for these asw!!!!!! # good job
  14. Nice cant wait ️
  15. Top 5k only. Perhaps even 2500. Other than that, good job
  16. This events in a week when will info be released??
  17. No sh BOO LMAO jk some day ill war in the summer tourney
  18. That's awesome (now if only i was in the top 10,000)