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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Casted for normal PVP event. Unable to see towers in my bl.
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    The event is to long..weekend blitz would suit better..sign up same as war..ko same as point ko someone and they can still brick..
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    The clan chat for these type of events would be amazing.
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    Please reduce the event to 7 days lol kinda bored with this
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    The next time y’all do this event, you have to get rid of the mechanic that prevents hitting other players unless you have an item that only drops from an EB.

    It’s maddening. Like, I would drop max xtals for this event but I can’t even drop an entire spy bar on a player without running out of shots and having to mash on a boring fricken eb again.

    It’s a bad mechanic, I would drop that. Keep it for tower battle. It makes sense to need bricks and shots for the towers and it’s something people can do in this event who don’t want to drop their entire attack and spy bar on battle list.

    I really want to like this event. But having to hit an eb to hit players is just wrong and it is ruining the entire event.
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    I too have done this, its also now difficult to find open targets for points. I would not have cast if i knew this would be an issue. Also makes no sense to have not included the cast in this "pvp" event
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    Sorry, the pvp blitz shouldn't have been running, will try to fix.
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    A few people accidentally signed up for pvp blitz because it was unexpected includeding myself. Why would you run double pvp? My battle list is damn near empty now with others who accidentally. Just end the weekend pvp so it can fix our BLs and so we can see towers again.
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    Please do the needful
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    I also think there needs to be more effort in balancing teams, if it’s a pvp event then it gets hard to target enemy players if they are all ally lb and charmed accounts on one team and another team doesn’t have any
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    how do you figure builds size dont matter when we have to hit them for rings?
    If that's the case you should have turned this into a lowland build only counts no charms added
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    this is ata not putting their thinking cap on
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    To be fair, you didn’t really give much of a warning before launching this promo and having the end of sign up come and go.
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    Why are team rewards so bad?
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    I signed up today, after the window ended
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    ATA Winston,

    I give you props for trying to come up with an alternative pvp fighting event.

    I really like how you incorporated the towers def/att allowing players who dont want to hit real players so they can keep on the eb's while still earning small rewards.

    from my understanding, your the only developer-programmer trying to keep kaw alive not counting support.

    -A few suggestions for next time you do one like this tower one-

    1. Make sure bcs players cant be ring farming/hitting kcs players. I found this bug today.

    2. Make them shorter and vary, like 3-7 days instead of 14.

    3. Try harder to even out teams. This event is extremely unbalanced.

    4. Increase rewards for longer duration events.

    5. Increase top 100 rewards. Maybe double the current events rewards but keeping in mind event duration length (ties to suggestion 4).

    6. Double the current event group rewards next time. This should increase cooperation and might entice more to join after seeing this events results.

    7. Give 24-48hr notice of event start in forum.

    8. Next event- address any issues fixed from this current event, in the event start notice. We would like to know our voices are being heard, valued, and considered.

    Again props to you winston.
    I would love to see kaw insanely active and prosperous but not turned into some money grab like the majority of war games out there.
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    This PVP biased against Red team. Devs put too many accounts on green at start with LB players. Now 1 in 3 of KAW will not have a chance to compete. No point wasting time on trying top 100. It’s clearly a 100% lose
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    I understand devs trying hard to improve the game. At least give it some thought in any way might get a large imbalanced while the event progress since its two weeks event. Surely if you cast now and see red you wouldn’t even try.
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    Im red too. My understanding is kaw doesnt have the dev-programmers, like winston, anymore. Rumor is hes soloing the new programming/coding for these new ideas.

    If this is true.... hes done very well soloing this pvp event and not having the staff to beta it before hand.