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    33% chance is what it is, a chance. While there may be some stronger players on one team, that is merely the luck of the draw.

    As for the bricks, you can buy as many as you want at a time, up to the maximum of 150 in your inventory.

    Teams do seem a bit lopsided, but that appears to be more because activity instead of player size. In general, the size of a player is not super important in this event. The event requires lots of activity to get more Yridine, and then using that in smart ways with your team.
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    Definitely noted on the length of the event. We can't really make giant clans for this event with long time periods to prepare since players can join the event over a period of days, there are big timezone differences, and some players may not want to leave their home clan. I am collecting feedback on better ways to help organize the event for players though, and will see if changes can be made for future events.
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    Winston, perhaps a new channel (wc, cc, ac) could be added for team events such as these.
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    I think the only two major tweeks needed are to shorten the event and either a repeat button for shots and bricks or to use all.

    It's not a big deal if teams are uneven if it's a 24 hour event or just the weekend. As far as the bricks and shots it's way too time consuming and tedious doing one af a time. Especially when there's 10k on the tower.
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    Gj winston
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    Repeat button def needed for shots and bricks on towers only, not needed for PvP
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    No support
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    II suggest that an event similar to this, but clan focused, would get a lot of clans opting in as a whole. You could group the clans that opt in into 3 alliances and have a new alliance chat for coordination - I think would promote clan loyalty, give a new aspect to game and get a lot of participation.
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    Hmmm...I delayed my decision as to whether to join or not and now it indicates I failed the legend. If I tap on the stronghold siege legend it crashes the app.

    On iPhone SE please advise.
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    Players only had 2 days to decide whether or not to participate. We are aware of the crashing issue and looking into it!
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    Any chance you might be up to still shorten this event and have it line up with the new normal event that will be released next week. Essentially shortening to the length of a week rather than 2 weeks long so it matches up? Cause I feel after day 4 participation altogether will start to dive and people will actually driven away from this and be bored!
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    I suggest in future that if this format is used again there are no bricks dropping from EBs. There should be a trade-off between using items for defence or attack rather than having defence items assigned automatically. Also, most of the time there is no use for bricks as the forts stay close to full strength, due to the oversupply of bricks.
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    Also, don’t limit when players can join, I’m sure it’s been mentioned but I am not going through 12 pages of replies. Some of us have to work and are at work when you have released events.

    So, is timer up? I got a failed thing in my legends and then it force closed on me. I clicked “keep going” after I restarted. If it is too late now, great job at being all inclusive and “world-wide”. :lol:
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    The jokers you teamed me up with!
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    Further updating drop changes to try and find a better balance between attacking and defending.
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    It's important to have an end join date so players don't just wait until the end where rewards drop and then sign up.
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    So ppl cant join last min and get Rewards, 48h not enough duh.
    Poor thing has 48h shifts
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    This event is not worth 2 weeks. Already bored of this crap. Please reduce it to 7 days event.