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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Ty, we needed that
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    Go home
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    I absolutely hate the fact that I need an item to hit another player and the only way to get that item is to hit an eb.

    That needs to stop. Now, I get having to have the item to be able to get points from hitting another player. But being prevented from hitting them sucks. Bad plan.

    Those shots, should only be needed to hit the towers. Not the players to be honest with you.
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    We don't have enough players for 10,000 hp towers.
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    So now im only getting 20 pure and no shots or brick per eb...what the hell?
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    It caps at 150 shots, 150 brick and 300 raw
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    Oh that's dumb. Was going to save it up until i had enough for 5k legend.
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    Absolutely! This crap is making my eyes twitch!
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    True, why do I need shots to hit other players? I could understand towers but having to use shots against players makes this event more difficult than it should be. Now we have to decide if we want to use our already limited shots on players or towers
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    You guys need to understand that this is the first time they have done this type of thing and they are testing it out, I'm enjoying it (not the duration so much) the idea was a good one and in the future they will make changes to it
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    Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the fresh concept they're brought to the table but if they plan on doing this again they definitely need to tweak a few things such as the duration of the event. This event isn't worth the reward and is more so just something to do until the next event starts. Next time this should be a 3 to 7 day event. Also team balancing seems iffy.I'm not saying this because I'm a blue and we're losing, I genuinely feel that there is less participation from our side and maybe reds too. Not to take away from Greens success though, they clearly organized the fastest and took advantage of it. Maybe for the next time they could give all teams preset clans lead by trustworthy participants and have a 6 hour delay to give time for teams to organize. As it currently stands this event feels more like an unorganized war.
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    I agree duration needs changing and definitely a few tweaks, and yes blue got the short end of the stick for sure. Also no strongholds are going to go anytime soon and that needs to be fixed.. but I do like the thought of this event and i admit it is very creative I hope to have more like it with the exception of those tweaks
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    Need a Repeat Action button before we all end up with medical issues in our hands
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    1) 33% chance of teaming is shown to be bs. All Ally lb players are in green. Not only placing red at disadvantage but blue too.

    2) When buying bricks... why do you have to buy 1 at a time? Just makes life so much harder.

    3) good idea ... but teams need to be more fair.
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    I agree with a lot of these posts. Next time it should be like doing an indi war where u opt in and are auto allocated to a clan allowing people to communicate and plan. The dtw threshold needs reviewing and the duration is way too long. Other than that I like the concept.. but it definitely needs tweaking.
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    Once upon a time way back when Ata had proper developers there was a thing called beta testing
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    Shut up idiot
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    Makes perfect sense to test before you jump head first in ,iron out any bugs or problems, quite simple to be honest
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    You mean when they never released anything new? Yea was easy to test that.
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    Seems like it could be fun. Sadly the fact that hits are limited in number and who i can hit will prevent me from joining this. Next time please allow us to still hit our osw targets and such. Seeing "I can only steal target once cause of event" or "cant steal the strips cause on my event team" in cc on strips really sucks.