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    "A strange new metal with miraculous properties has been discovered, sparking a massive conflict as kingdoms around the world race to secure the only known sources!"

    PVP: World Wide Stronghold Siege

    This event launches at NOON PST on January 30th, 2019. If you do not sign up for this event, you will not be eligible for any rewards. There is a timer to sign up for this event, if that timer passes, you will not be able to sign up for this event.

    Players will have the option to participate in a world-wide Stronghold Siege to earn eternal glory (...and rewards).

    IF you accept this quest, you will randomly be put into one of 3 teams: Crimson, Emerald and Azure.

    Once assigned, the goal is to collect the most points amongst three teams!

    You will know which Team you're on based on the Flag you see in your Showcase:

    Team flags.

    ☞ Points are represented by the Ring of the Vanquished item as seen below:

    1 point = 1 ring

    You can keep score of your team's progress on the Siege Leaderboard.

    Keep in mind that if you opt out of the PVP quest, you will not receive any of the PVP legends and, therefore, are opting out of earning rewards from those legends!

    How to Attack an Enemy's Stronghold

    ☞ There will be FOUR strongholds. Their names are NorthStronghold, EastStronghold, SouthStronghold, and WestStronghold. Each stronghold is a "player" represented by stronghold images with examples shown below:

    ☞ You will need Yridine Shot to attack a stronghold. To create Yridine Shot, collect Pure Yridine from Epic Battles and combine them with the Shot Transmute available for gold in the Marketplace. For EBs with mostNK > ZTA/HTE/ROTWB > NOTH > GOTH > LOTL/ZOMA > Every NON-BR EBs. BR EBs DO NOT DROP Yridine.

    To claim a Stronghold:
    Attack the stronghold as you would any other player in-game. If you're playing, the strongholds will be the top 4 players in your Battle list. Each Yridine Shot removes one Yridine Brick from the stronghold, one for one.

    When there are no more Yridine Bricks left on a stronghold, it can be captured. But the team that did the most damage (removed the most bricks) to it will capture it, not the team that did the last hit!

    To attack other players:
    You get points from attacking other players from opposing teams (you will still need Yridine Shot to count for points). You get a 3x multiplier for the “kill shot” that makes an opposing player DTW and makes them immune to being attacked more. You also get a multiplier for each stronghold your team owns. The more strongholds your team claims, the more overall points you stand a chance of earning. These multipliers stack.

    OK, hit me with that math
    ☞ 1 Successful Hit to a player from an enemy team = 1 Point.
    ☞ Hit an enemy player when your team owns 1 stronghold = 3 Points.
    ☞ Hit an enemy player when your team owns 2 stronghold = 5 Points.
    ☞ Hit an enemy player when your team owns 3 stronghold = 6 Points.
    ☞ Hit an enemy player when your team owns 4 stronghold = 7 Points.

    You will only be able to have 300 Pure Yridine, 150 Yridine Shot, 150 Yridine Bricks, and 150 each of the combiner items (Shot Transmute & Brick Transmute) at a time. No hoarding! If you try to buy more than the maximum allowed amount, you will purchase up to the maximum amount and then get a message saying "You can't buy anymore of these!"

    How to Defend Your Team's Stronghold(s)

    ☞ Defending works the same way, but instead of hitting an enemy's stronghold with Yridine Shot, you hit your team's stronghold with Yridine Bricks to build its health back up. The max number of bricks on a stronghold is 10k.

    ☞ When someone who doesn’t own the stronghold attacks it, it loses health, as shown below. You can regenerate its health by using Yridine Bricks.

    ☞ Once another team destroys a stronghold and claims it (most damage = claim stronghold), they would need to hit it with bricks to rebuild it back up to full health.

    ☞ There will be a window of time where the claimed stronghold will be invulnerable to outside attacks so that the team that has just claimed it can build it back up in peace.

    OK, but what about us PVP haters?

    You can get plunder bonuses to help you battle better! Each stronghold you own can be visited by doing a PVP action on it. You'll get a 10% plunder bonus for 1 hour. Each bonus is unique to that stronghold, so if your team owns all four strongholds you can take a world tour and get a 40% boost total.

    Refresh your plunder bonuses as often as you like. Well, so long as your team owns the stronghold. (You sure you don't wanna help capture it?)
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    Sound interesting! Looking forward to participating. Thanks!
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    looks interesting, how long will the event last?
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    My brain hurts a lot from all of that.

    So I’m thinking it would probably be easier to just write a thesis.

    So many details. Do this. Make sure you do that. Don’t forget this though.
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    I like the direction these events are heading. Keep up the good work!
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    2 weeks
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    right on thanks 
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    To try and simplify it the most:

    Hit EB --> Get PvP items --> Hit Strongholds OR players --> Get Bonuses or Points
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    Drop rate of these PvP items will depend on build size?
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    did anyone answered how/where to opt in?
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    I agree my brains  hurt
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    To much blah blah blah I gave up reading that ,not for me ty
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    Probably pops up at the correct time and opt in like side legends hard medium easy options
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    A legend will prompt you shortly :)
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    What are the rewards?

    Cause i don't see any special goodies

    Just xtals and trader tokens?

    War chests for individual placement. Two weeks so it can drop aqua and xtals from it. Lol
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    Probably the y will update Regards later, so ppl who did not cast, will say Dang... They always do This late Minute... For example cast for PvP rewards ( 1 crux) 3 days later you did not cast. Guess what Rewards Are Now (3 crux, Dinousar token and postear for being a Kaw player) right
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    I'm with you iReg. Lol, that's alot to read and take in.
    ..I think I'll grab a beer and read that later lol