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  1. What I don't understand is how do OSW clans gather strip funds against others.

    How do many manage to earn those trillions? which could easily have got them up the LB.

    How can you have trillions at your disposals and how can clans fight OSWS lasting half a year or more. You would need an enormous amount of gold for that right?

    How long does it take to actually gather the strip funds and how many do you hold on an account?

    Do you keep your gold banked or do you keep it out as you act as a bank on OSW?

    Would be great if expert OSWers and others can answer these questions . I have really been interested in how clans can do this, it's just incredible and to see players sacrifice a large amount just shows how great OSWers can be when they work as a team.
  2. The answer is nobs, lots of nobs then convert them for gold.
  3. One they put their money in bronze bars to they hit EB'S and 3 they hit ppl . For cash
  4. OSW clans usually have people called "strip banks" where these banks hold up trillions of gold out to hire the enemies' allies. Also, if I remember correctly, this also helped spark the big ass war with ZAFT/APOC/UC when a strip bank was hit hard with 1 tril or more out.
  5. How long does it take for clans to actually fill up that strip bank?

  6. What happens if the strip banks funds finish while in OSW?
    Is this the actual time clans ask for CF?
  7. Strip funds aren't on one account. For large strips you can have 1 account hiring 1 ally. I myself make 1t across Alts a day easy. I make sure I have an account that has some cheap allies, so I can pile all the cash into one place if needed.

    HTE makes it incredibly easy to fund.. Bronze bars. Multiple accounts hire allies not just one, therefore the cash can't get you on LB because it's not concerntrated.
  8. Strip banks buy allies from a hub bank in a clan (usualy someone with a lot of allies and huge ssd) so when they have gold out they buy from the target to strip them
  9. Depends on the person they're stripping and the EBs/allies the strip bank has.

    Let's say we're stripping Travykins

    If they do HTE and have 1t in allies hired, boom. He's green lighted for a strip, if they know his sleeping times.

    As for your 3rd question, that lost me.
  10. But if another side catches a bank buying allies it can be brutal is they strip a bank
  11. There is a banking system.. Secret banks that buy untraceable clean allies from warring accounts to pass gold.. That's why so many clans run hte.. They clean the dirty stripped allies off of warring accounts called frontline banks.. These FL banks use a system to launder gold from secret back line banks that hold trillions
  12. Personally, I use Gringotts as my bank.
  13. Also bronze bars can be used as a bank for people that don't have strip banks... Forgot about that.
  14. People make it more confusing than it has to be.

    Basically, a lot of people unbanking their gold at the same time when they have enough collectively to hire all an enemy's allies
  15. Clans don't have just one bank... You could have from 1-1000 banks with trillions ready to go at any time.
  16. Frontline banks are more valuable than secret banks imo.. Identifying, pot burning, and stripping those accounts are important strategies to winning OSW.. Once a clans FL is whipped out then you pretty much won

    A big part of OSW is tracking allies of these accounts to find secret banks.. Good FL have tricks to keep you from finding their banks but sometimes the other side gets lucky
  17. It's easier than you think if you have a lot of like minded players with a common goal. As mentioned most OSW players have alt accounts and banks that sit there constantly making gold as it's priority.

    Also think of this, if you have just 40 active players all hitting and banking along the way, and they each earn 500b (especially easy these days) then that is 20t when put together and only takes a week for the average player to do that. It's the Team working as a unit providing every last bit of gold clearing banks and stripped dirties that keep funds flowing. Teamwork is crucial to generating consistent funding
  18. Basically with "war" accounts you hire dirty allies that have been seen on a front page or directly hired from the enemy. With outside accounts you hire "clean" allies for as long as possible these are allies that have never been seen on someone in the wars front page or hired from enemy accounts. These cleans can be on a front line account or from banks.
    Also try to always bank in clanmates/banks allies rather than bb. It is far more efficient considering you lose 25% banking in bb or pots. Also if you catch an enemy strip that can further add substantial amounts to your strip funds.
  19. Sledgehammer, your actually wrong.

    Only idiots use banks to hire enemy allies. If you do that, you lose your banks identity. The way ally (strip) banks work is the bank hires allies off of a frontliner. Frontliners are people with significantly more than 20 allies and banks hire the allies from the back pages of the frontliner. This is so enemies can't track the frontliner allies to the bank. The frontliner then hires the allies from the target.

    Now bronze banks work a little differently. And from my experience works best with multiple account. Generally I use the BB method. What I do is hire allies with one of my accounts in war. Then I hire dirty (stripped) allies from my in war account using an account with speakers. Then I sell the allies off so the funds can be reused on Both my in war accounts and my hidden account.

    Whoever said banks grow with nobs kinda wrong. Only rich people use nobs. You make a Bigger profit by buying xstalls and hitting HTE. I can make around 150-200b a day on my out of war account just by HTE and selling dirty allies
  20. I volley up starless allies.. Gives both accounts volleying profit. Then when I want to strip, I drop the allies for a 60% refund plus a 15% profit from volleying which totals a 25% loss. Exactly same as bankin in pots, but another account gains profit.

    And for the fool dumb enough to try strip the statless volleyed allies off me, they lose more than me.
    Works pretty well but only one problem there's a 2 week delay till you can get a full 60% drop refund on an ally. But I'm constantly volleying so it don't matter, ill always have an ally to drop for Max.