Story Time: KaW War Stories

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Nate, May 22, 2018.

  1. So I was just sitting around playing this game that we all know and love/hate and thought... “Man, I miss when everyone was smack talking and rubbing bars on people.”

    Sure, I guess we still have people who do that. Look at Bach that man has the biggest mouth known to human existence, well despite a certain orange world leader I won’t name to avoid an off topic debate. :mrgreen:

    But I’m talking about a time when ebs became an afterthought when someone was talking trash about you or your clan. Like if someone called out someone, they actually responded with something worthwhile. We can’t deny that KaW has lost a lot of that. Like I said, it still exists more or less, but the capacity and actual greatness of it no longer exists because of various reasons.

    Of course, stats are a big part. Used to be that everyone was generally in the same area when thinking of player stats. I mean heck the #1 was once like 50mcs :lol: now it’s like what, 5bcs? Crazy.

    Another would be because people lack the interest to participate in PvP and OSW. Again, I think that’s because of stats. It’s not as fun to OSW when neither side can hit each other.

    Despite all that, there was a time when we could all generally hit each other and talk smack. We’d either take the hits or cry about it in forums or wc. The glory days of “I ran bars on you...” and “No you didn’t hit me at all...” are probably long gone. But we can always talk about it.

    My favorite moment happened in my first PvP actually. This player named ruska and I got into it after he started hitting me randomly (off the battle list I guess) and I got pretty annoyed about it. Now, it’s good to note I had never PvPed before and wasn’t sure what to do. So I looked in forums and actually used some player guide about PvP (I can’t find it anymore but I had a link for ages). I remember asking my mom for an iTunes card so I could buy some health crystals to run bars on him LOL. I was legit taking it seriously.

    After a couple weeks me and ruska started going AT IT in pm until he just stops insulting and says, “Join my clan. Red Dragons. I like you and we could do something with it.” I of course accepted, Rusk and I became good friends along with the owner of RD. Eventually RD failed, I quit for the first of 87 times, and Ruska left for college and never returned to mobile gaming. But it was what led me to love PvP and study the mechs and aspects of it.

    So, what’s your story? What’s something you remember or a memorable moment about PvP/OSW or any form of farming and such.

    Looking forward for the probably 3 responses I’ll get! :lol:

  2. I miss when people didnt glorify osw so much. Yes, its a core part of the game and quite a nice one. However, in my experience it was mostly boring, crying and exhausting apart from the occasional good time. Also being unable to do "good' in osw or be good at it so to say was not possible. Nothing difficult, just click attack. People have a distorted view of osw today.
  3. You were a worm weren’t? Ya know the group of people who could only system war and couldn’t take hits from anyone? ;)
  4. Throwing random accusations with no factual basis is fun. But no.
  5. I'm in a permanent war with ghomorax and lignabelua. That's my story.
  6. Osw trash talking at it's finest:) Cherry On Top giving Kings a mouthful. When Apoc took over worldchat declaring the osw and taunting Zaft January 2015 January 2015 Apoc
  7. Lol I can't believe you screen shot and saved that roni. So long ago.
  9. Apoc was really screaming that apocalyptic message in wc :lol:
  10. My least favorite kaw memory was when this dookey smear Nate asked eagle to lock my forum.
  11. What when tho
  12. So far my fave moments are like half the ppl roni ssed have flipped names and sides. And I got hit with pudding today.
  13. Stripping was the most enjoyable part for me. Tracking, collecting funds, then running bars were all great fun. Running bars on the 330T strip (that was a huge amount at the time) on Harbinger_of_Wrath was hands down my favourite memory
  14. That was one heck of a strip. I remember when it happened. It was outrage everywhere. Everyone in WC and forums were acting INSANE :lol: good times
  15. That's kinda funny from the guy sitting in a clan that's just living off the name of the past and destroying the legacy that was built.
  16. Who are you?
  17. Just another washed up person of the past
  18. Trap is the equivalent of Napoleon. He was cool once, then not. :p
  19. That was an epic moment. The first time someone who was thought to be invincible was destroyed. It was even bigger then Red Stars strip. No matter how big the strips get there will never be one more iconic then that. It even generated it's own verb. To be Harbed.
  20. i was in this sfw with some loser with the basic avatar you get at the start of the game. ya know the art student. and so i farmed him till he gave me all his items and chibis.