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  1. These continual events should either have breaks between them or should be renamed as part of the EB’itus or tap tap game.

    Finally the Devs won’t like this but it is obvious to all that the largest wallet/purse buys your position in the event LB.
  2. Yes please
  3. At least one regular top 10 gets it f2p, possibly more but I haven't chatted with a lot of them. It's time dedication more than anything, and after that uses either strategy or xtals/p2p.
  4. Why stop the events? Everyone in kaw is gaining through them

    Wish peeps would stop being bitter

    Rather events than any stupid ideas about new lands which will probably just kill the game
  5. Lol nobody is getting top 10 for free 
  6. Because its just reskinned legends, items, and chests dude. The devs have done nothing to add to this game in forever. Okay yeah everybody gains stuff from them but whats the end goal? Everyone has big stats and does nothing with them, woahhhh so cool. This game has no sustenance. When was the last time a new free eb was released? We need better eb’s than goth or lotl. People are content with spending thousands on a game that just reskins legends and don’t demand the devs add more to the game, its pretty pathetic
  7. Well id rather get free bars etc for being active

    Maybe there will changes by devs maybe not

    But all the angry, bitter peeps are just dragging game down. Just quit if you dont like
  8. And keep living in a fantasy world where the devs put in minimal effort and make maximum profits. If you’re content with the devs not trying to imporove the game then you’re the one dragging the game down and you’re part of the problem. Im sure you do like getting bars for doing nothing, we all do. The devs got you addicted to them like a drug so thats all you look forward to and keep spending that money meanwhile not expecting anything more from them. Keep grinding towards meaningless stats.
  9. Repetition gets boring after a while. They don’t even have to do a break period from events. Create an event that doesn’t revolve around Epic Battles would be a good change.
  10. Guys we tap our phones millions of times lol

    Anyone else have rsi in there thumb
  11. You ever try to upgrade with out an event? Try making 54t in any decent timeline. Even with events and silver and BR and double crux it still takes 3 weeks. With out events this game would flat line in a week. Ask the devs. Remember that week gap in events before ASW last year? Yeah no one logged in clans that do lotl/goth in 3hrs we doing them in 7hrs. Games change people change. If this was still a 25 land T4 game it would have been dead before FC. fact of the matter is that the new generation of tappers are collectors. Any pvp they push drops the log in rate. That’s why they don’t bother with it anymore. S8? What for? The LB will just soak the EQ. Update mith? Why? No one uses it anymore but to change name color. Sure there are a handful (prolly 100 players tops) that still benefit from mith but on a realistic scale it’s useless. You guys should be begging them to update hit ranges update potions bring old mechanics up to par with today’s stats. Asking for war updates and new ebs is pointless if the rest of the game doesn’t get a facelift. Start at the core if you want changes. Just my two cents.
  12. Very credible constructive comments Echo.

    Matts; events have grown on me personally and are here to stay so I chose to run with it now although the ultimate impact of charms on KaW we have yet to see. I had initially thought a 24hr gap between events as a short breather, but I ask myself why? as this may equally switch people off doing KaW. If you wanna break...put KaW down for a day when the new event starts Q.E.D. - Ajax
  13. I think what most of us do not like about events is that they are the only thing that ATA seems to push out without fail whilst continuing to ignore the player base and it's requests. It's like clockwork, event ends..boom we have the next one. I'd take bug fixes over events any day.

    Wars need an update to account for charms BFE or an overhaul. Ally BFA over 2.14B is shown incorrectly.
    4-5 PVP spells duplicated in the market. iPhone X and 16:10 aspect ratio support. KaW needs level balancing to fix the gold inflation. The list goes on. There's a thread for bugs that still has many bugs that have not been fixed.How hard is it for ATA to open a Jira account or Trello, move all bug reports there and work on it?

    I do appreciate/commend the great artwork that ATA has been pushing out. They consistently push out great artwork.
    If y'all follow them on twitter, you'll see high-res images from the 2014 events to 2017. Most of the artwork detail go noticed by players because of their small rendering sizes on devices. Here's a few examples.




    Pretty good, eh? These are older images but you get the idea. Their artwork is decent and they have pushed out tons of them via events/other themes over the years. Some of the new furniture aside from their resizing issues look amazing.

    The point is that great artwork is not going to cut it anymore.

    How hard is it to work on fixing basic bugs and UI issues we face? Forget about new game-play and features, I don't think it's asking much from ATA to at least maintain their game by fixing bugs that are creeping up. Redesign the tutorial flow with a better FTUE and advertise the game, work on the bugs list that's right here on the forums.
    When a company blatantly ignores their community it shows that the game is not much of a priority anymore and there's barely anyone working on the game. We as community keep hoping that ATA does something..but eh, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. Quiet personally, i do not mind the constant want of legends. As it was pointed out the ugs take ages without the free extras. Furnishings aren't nessacarly evil, they give players something to chase. Different sets twice a month is a rather impressive feat honestly. Only complaint i have is this, there need a better incentive to PvP.

    If they added a great incentive to war/PvP then just the same things PvE receive. More players would be open to the idea & less people would out right have a reason to complain.
  15. Could add more global events and those wars were we could bet on winners.makes ppl chat more and betting is always fun.
    Mix it up more but less events wont work.
  16. Agreed, a global event and random betting on war with promo items would be fun
  17. what would you do between events if there were breaks?
  18. As far as OP goes I think the constant events are nice and gives mid range spenders a little boost while also giving F2P players a goal(not impossible but not likely).

    Now as far as this I find it very hard to believe you could reach top 10 F2P(only using seals/nobs/crystals given out) regularly if ever. If you do happen to see this please do tell how they did it because i just don’t see a way. With Goth/Loth combined paying out 1000event items every 8h and NK giving 2,300 every 1-3hr. Also HTE gives ~200 every 30mins-1.5hr. Just find it very hard for F2P to match.
  19. I completely agree. I do think though they should buff war rewards and make this game more based on clan wars like years ago.
  20. Who got top 10 without paying lol? Its hard to even get in top 100 without paying. And please increase the payout from wars