Stop Living in the Past

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  1. This is not a complaint but just a thought about people who keep talking about how much better KAW was back when it first started. In life (and games) things change and evolve. Yes i agree that not everything the KAW implements into the game is of my preference but it is just that .. a preference .. what i dont like may be liked by half of the fellow players.

    By the way I am not new to this game I started in 2012 when EBs did not even exist. I lasted about 6 months and left around the time that EBs were being introduced. I left for personal reasons not because i did not like the game.

    I know about the old and about the new but i made a choice to live in the now and have decided to enjoy the nice things that KAW has to offer.

    This is not to say that anyone is wrong when mentioning the LAWs past but not to attempt to live in it by trying to bring it back.

    To end i will say the game was addicting back then and it is still addicting now lol 
  2. Thanks for your opinion, you can leave now
  4. Kingdoms at epicbattles
  5. Epic battles were released late spring of 2011...
  6. who even is u
  7. True.
  8. Actually you are right .. i actually started playing 2010 and left 2011
  9. Stop complaining
  10. Here is a secret....ppl dont really care how Kaw is they just like to complain
  11. If devs changed the attack button to the complain button, a lot more people would become active.

  12. Talking about the past, I'm just happy that that annoying fellow named Sasuke_Uchiha quit posting complaints and gibberish on forums.

    Oh wait, Kasama is that acct name from the past.
  13. And you are...?
  14. Its is natural to complain and actually you would be surprised that "im ok with complaints" ... and to be honest complaints are a form a voicing ones opinion .. that said if you dont voice your opinion then no chamges are made.

    Complaints = Possible Change

    The purpose of this post is more for people who are dwelling in the past expecting the old days to teturn.
  15. I started in 2012, and I vividly remember there being epic battles.

    I do believe you may be stretching the truth a little.
    Or a lot. ...or a year :D
  16. You you are 100% correct ... I actually started around 2010 and left in 2011 (When EBs were being introduced to KAW
  17. Now that is funny 