Steve Jobs, The Movie

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  1. True dat.

    I prefer Mac though. They're comfortable for typing.
  2. Fair point. Maybe if I was a film maker, I'd do the same. I just found out from someone in the AG business that organic crops are mixed with non-organic crops to increase profit. Kinda crushed my world because I thought the extra dollars I spend on organic produce are somehow helping to make the AG industry more eco-friendly.

    The film certainly sounds intriguing. I've never pirated a movie in my life, but this might be the first, just for spite.
  3. Bahahaha
  4. I can tell you what you WONT see in this movie.

    Steve jobs was a huge inspector gadget fan, and the cArtoon had a major impact on his life.

    With out the forward thinking inspector gadget we would never have iPads
    Or iPhones [​IMG]
  5. Oh I get it! And Mark Zuckerberg was a fan of scooby doo, which is why he invented a program to learn every aspect of your personal life.
  6. Actually, I think he was Into "thunder cats"

    Interesting thunder cats trivia......
    The voice of "panthro" (the nunchuck cat) was played by Bill Cosby's "father" in the family friendly, not too "grapey" show where Bill Cosby was a (cringe) gynecologist doctor. I think his name was Dr. Huxtable. Anyway, I'm wandering off track now.....
  7. It's all a conspiracy, Moose. The government planned out Jobs's death and coordinated it with 9/11 and KFC's assassination
  8. The assassination of President KFC 
    There's a joke lurking in here somewhere. I'm just to tired to find it
  9. The coroner confirmed: jobs died of pancreatic cancer. PC won.
  10. Rest in a 16 Piece chicken bucket President KFC.
  11. RIP ️
  12. Colonel Sanders was without a doubt the greatest president of all time