Steve Jobs, The Movie

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  1. steve jobs is only interesting due to the utter lack of other interesting people in the computing world.
    the only other guy on the map of interesting is the facebook guy. and he is definitely not interesting. rich does not equal interesting.
  2. Tell that to Michael Bloomberg.
  3. Oh didnt know that. Ill have 2 check it out then
  4. Neither will I. But how do you feel about him not having the chance to defend himself. The director effectively controls Jobs' reputation for most people who'll never have the chance to form their own opinion
  5. No doubt he's a good actor. But to have a person of his reputation portraying an engineering legend, I find insulting
  6. If you know the history of the business you would understand the drama behind the preview.
  7. Nothing with Pirates can be bad.

    jobs was poisoned by the NSA for failing to comply with document destruction of the cooked books hidden on the Apple servers housed in the Pentagon, Guess where the hot backup site was? Yup Twin Towers

    But Jobs was smarter and buried the tape backup evidence deep in farmers field in PA.

    This is where it gets scary the Illuminati in a deal with Halliburton and Chenny diverted an Israeli orbiting nuke running modded Stuxnet software to prevent nuclear fission from occurring when it hit. Halliburton in a force takeover of the Vatican leveraged the existing contracts between Heaven and Hell to take the diverted passengers from the "planes" anyone who has flown out of Dullles or NY's airport know they are twin nexuses of hell.

    I just wanna know how they managed to keep it all secre...
  8. I read a book called "jobs". It was about his life and times, AND it was the book Steve jobs requested be written upon his death.

    Steve jobs was a very complex man. He had wonderful genius and terrible flaws. I think it's hard/impossible for any movie to capture the nuance of who he was.

    Any movie that portrays jobs as a saint or a devil will be largely incorrect.
  9. Honestly, if anybody could do it right, it'll e Fassbender. Or maybe Steve Carrell. He did great in foxcatcher.
  10. Aston kutcher did a wonderful portrayal of Steve job in his move, but his masterful performance couldn't save the move, which sucked terribly
  11. Truuuuuu
  12. Pray tell
  13. I think this is true of most people, but unfortunately, average lives and stories don't sell tickets and put asses in movie theater seats.

    Is the writer guilty of selling us Jobs' less favorable side? Will you show your support by shelling out money to him by buying a ticket and planting your ass in a theater seat for 2 hours?
  14. He was an angry man from what ive seen lol
  15. The less favorable side is what sells. It's interesting to people.
    Ever wonder why most of the news on tv is bad? Negativity sells.
    Is that fair to jobs? Not really, but what can the film maker do with a 2 hour time span?

    I don't think you can really capture anyone accurately in 2 hours, so you cherry pick the juicy stuff.

    Will I watch it? Sure. But I do so with the understanding that it's a partial truth.
  16. The bad news on TV thing reminded me of Nightcrawler for some mysterious reason.
  17. People don't want a story, they want drama.
  18. Spoiler alert, PC wins at the end.
  19. LIES!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Linux will always prevail.