STEAL Menu - Update idea

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by MightyInferno, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Interesting idea came to mind ....

    Introduce a 'Steal Menu' with 3 options:

    1. Steal - Gold (no change)
    2. Steal - Potions; Use this to deplete defense of your opponent
    3. Steal - Mithril dust; This would be mith fractions (say 1/20th of a mith) so need 20 wins of this type to gain 1 mith

    Comments? :D
  2. Mmmmm.......:that would make spies too powerful. Spies are already pretty powerful. If KaW did this, I think there would be no troops left as everyone would become either pure spy or hansel.

    No support.
  3. Eh, rough idea but kinda cool all the same.

    1 support.
  4. Sounds great, but means that a pure spy could take huge amounts of mithril from a player with low spy def (as you can use up to 24 xtals per day)
  5. I will say the op is being creative. ;-)
  6. @Moose,

    The majority of non bc players are already hansel, so that point is abit worthless..

    To be fair, this would slightly increase spy worth - but should the variables be low enough..

    This could make up for the difference in the huge plunder gap. I'd also like to post ahead to avoid the arguement "Spies were meant to be a second to troops"

    The game has grown alot since 09. Abit of change in making spies more "equal" is nice I believe.
  7. Or 10,000 steals to get mithril. 
  8. Needs work but support bc spies are not stronger enough in kaw. My opinion
  9. Could call it a mithril shard
  10. Support ✌
  11. At igiggle
    I will say that the idea is very interesting. It just needs some tweaks to keep things balanced. What kind of tweaks? I dunno. That's beyond by pay grade
  12. Interesting idea, but have to say no I'm afraid.

    Mithril is hard to get hold of, you can steal someone 300 times in a system war but if your clan doesn't win you don't get any mithril.

    I like the fact that you have to win a war to get it rather than just doing successful actions
  13. Couldn't someone who resets an alt or has a newish friend just drop their spy buildings (if they are mainly attack) and open to the new guy as an oaf to practically give him mithral (plus newish people seem to have lots of xtals from quests)
  14. @xbx
    Players already do this with their alts to transfer money, so there is little difference.
  15. Hmm ... What if mith was not lost by owner? ... rather, small quants were accumulated by stealer to 'create' new mith ... 20-40 steals to create 1 mith. But each alt could only be 'mith cleaned' a few times daily

    For sure, this would amplify random spy actions across all of kaw (a good thing)
  16. pots are the only for sure way to stop a total strip steal. no support.
  17. Firming up this Concept...
    Steal Menu:

    Steal-'Gold' (no change from current)
    Steal-'Pots' (obtain a single potion from opponent on win; value limited to plunder if using steal-gold)
    Steal-'Mith-shard' (obtain a single 'mith-shard' about 1/30th of a mithril)

    Note: Suggest each kingdom is awarded 1 mith shard daily, so in effect, mithril is created in fractional form every day. Accumulate 30 shards and u gain 1 mith. Only mithshards can e stolen, not entire mithril.