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  1. What exactly is a toss-head?? And Willy - that makes me sad Kotfe loves you!! The spam Kotfe did make me chuckle though. Good hunting peeps and a Happy Early Thanksgiving!

    KotFE MaCHiNE Lord
  2. @ epic kage.
    No most don't compete in ee wars for a simple reason.
    Some people decided to nerf them with ridiculous requirements or friend contacts.
    Want to get into a halfway decent ee clan. You have I be the right build. On the right device and have the right friends to open the door.
    Plus the money to earn your keep and spot at the war clan.
    Anyone can pvp out of the system. Though this event like all others will show its the big spenders who will fare best. A tweak to the reward system would be advisable, rather than devs following moose's idea of steal able items which is fun to an extent ( but clearly favours certain spenders and builds ) the rewards should require a set amount of actions so that everyone no matter their size may participate, reach a certain level of their desire and be rewarded. Without others ruining the event for them. Doing a simple change like that would ensure more enjoyment for more players as any and everyone would have a clear ability to compete for a reward and not have their efforts sabotaged.
  3. Can someone pls wall me when this daft event is over
  4. Love the event, however I would like it alot better if it was set up to where some hit restrictions were in place between account build lvls. Accounts 2x my size r able to hit me, but I am not able to hit them, or accounts 2x smaller than me. Please address this issue for next pvp event. Other than that, awesome event devs.
  5. Thanks for this event its been fun. Would like to see everone that did it and not opt out to have somekinda of achievement. So we know the chickens from players! Thanks again.
  6. .

    If you re-read my comment you will see I was not referring to hit restrictions but to reward payout.
  7. We can't call them EB fairies anymore?
  8. Devs, can you review the amount of kingdoms that have opted-out while holding a fortuna blade? The amount seems to be increasing as they farm lower kingdoms, removing large amounts of shards from the game by casting opt-outs.

    This event is dead because of the opt out.
  9. The event isn't dead..
  10. 1.2T taken from in 12hrs. Weeks of time stolen. Thank The Developers. Wasted noobs opening chest, buying seals and xtals. Wasted time and money. Lesson learned Devs are bullies and takers. And how fair is it when 34m cs can decimate 24m cs. I can't hardly hit 34m without dropping all my spies.
  11. This might sound rediculous, but I wish I could opt in after opting out, or just hit other opt-outs not for shards. I have a fb steals ready but nothing to hit
  12. I am neither advocating nor criticizing the post above--but use it simply to make an observation.

    Many of the complaints related to this event seem to center around the perception (accurate or not) that many of the participants are hitting builds much smaller than they are, making it impossible, as a practical matter, for the smaller build to return fire with any degree of effectiveness. Simply put, they feel bullied by the big kid on the playground.

    Couple this with an observation that for every EE war currently in place, hit restrictions are turned off. That means that the only place hit restrictions come into play are in PvP actions.

    That begs the question--should hit restrictions be tightened across the board (by way of random example pulled out of thin air -- say you can only hit builds within 20% of your size)? Then if you do take incoming, it will not be from some monster build you cannot hit, but you can also not prey on weaker builds. However, this would obviously have an effect on other aspects of PvP (OSW, Stripping, etc.). So what are your thoughts?


  13. Thanks to this event i have now had the most counterproductive week of my life...
  14. That all event should have been an opt-in based event. People in their EB could enjoy their way, the one in OSW enjoy their way, the one chasing event reward enjoy their way.
  15. I like your thoughts and the fact you are thinking of all aspects of PVP not just EE or OSW 

    I'll support looking more into it but in the same respect I promise 90% of the people crying about being picked on have no clue how their build mechanics work. Maybe if people took the time to learn it would be easier to defend yourselves.
  16. I think if players can't get into the leaderboard by now, they might as well opt out. Some clans are buying $glim$ to hit others and get into the top positions. Without mentioning, u should know which are these clans by now...
  17. I was 50/50 for the opt out! 1 hand I struggled to find targets because of it and in the other I realised because of the lack of targets I had to cast it myself!
  18. I know how to use my build but against people who have trillions in allies all ee equipment and 3x my size there's nothing you can do the smallest build that hit me yesterday was a 20m cs hansel
  19. This event was a dud thanks to the devs.

  20. Guess what? You can't have everything.

    Go hit your precious ebs