Starfall Event Update

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  1. Yes I was. I couldn't continue hitting eb's to self pin on with receiving the darn things.
  2. Not every epic battles dropped promo thingies. You could chose an epic battle outside of promo to self pin.
  3. Ok we finally got a pvp event. See what's working and what's not. Improve it for next time. An announced pvp event with details would have allowed for better preparation.

    So the event isn't perfect; but it's a start. Tweak it, improve it, announce the next one. And opting out shouldn't an option. Maybe a two hour break spell to regen etc. but once you do that you can't cast another for 12hrs?!?

    Kinda line xtals so many in a 24hr period.

    Anyway hope this is the first of many pvp events to come.
  4. Awesome event devs .

    It seems to me that builds from 40 mil cs to around 18 mil cs all pay the same to me depending on their shards but up hitting hasn't resulted in a great increase and down hitting hasn't given a great loss.

    So only suggestion would be to make it more of a penalty to hit lower folks and more rewards to hit higher
  5. I support this, I've noticed the same thing.

    20-45m all pay within a few shards (base value) of each other.
  6. How is it that I still feel slapped in the face and dissappointed, community cant even come up with validation. This is embarassing
  7. Just an idea, we should have classes, for reward payout. Certain ranges for each classification. You would not see a competition with novice and expert all in the same category. During normal pvp no distinction is needed but for an event hosted by ata I believe classification is necessary for fairness to all players. Makes an event like this more fun for all if there is a chance to actually win something. I am having fun either way. Thanks.
  8. what if i want to participate in war ? my main have ee 5 that earned with lot of hard work , now because of this spell ill have to lost ee 5 , any remedy for that ?
    please do something
  9. Yeah remedy was to do an EE war before being a little ***** and opting out of pvp for 5 days.

    Devs warned you, I'm glad you're losing them.
  10. My only complaint is that players almost twice my CS are in my bracket. Im 14 mil CS and I'm getting hit by as guy with 15 mil aatk def and almost 40 mil CS.. No skill can overcome that
  11. decrease the shards target its getting difficult to collect that much fr players who dont go fr pvp usually
  12. emp that's exactly what I am talking about. little builds shouldn't be the ones funding all these massive strips and because there are no incentives to hitting bl they can hold trills out. quite frankly I love the idea of starting more osws in general. all these cry babies whining over losing their precious gold just because they got hit a couple of times need to find a different game anyway. lol and I guess me being a "noob" has always been an issue because if I knew u had tons of gold out and u wasn't a friend or family I would hit u anyway
  13. too little too late, allrdy quit, bye all :)
  14. What kind of pvp event is this? All people are doing to get far in this event is getting a sword and self pinning on others. Removing dtw for this event not only stops this, but also will increase health crystal sales as people can go ahead and crystal on those who are constantly self pinning. Only downside is those self pinners getting butthurt but they can opt out if it is too much for them.
  15. Lolololololol
  16. Best promo so far!
  17. If you WANTED to participate in war, you shouldn't have cast the eb fairy spell.
  18. Cutting this event by a week is total bull. Just becuase of the cry baby eb'ers.
  19. Does it matter? It shortens the PVP yes but the rewards will be the same. You have one week less but you also only need half the shards to get the rewards.