Spy quests or

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  1. Really  *don't hate spies*
  2. 
  3.  spies are already too advantageous
  4. Since the new T4 was realeased, then nerfed, than new Potions , previous ones made stronger , new Spy def tower!

    Where's the new Defense tower?

    So Throw A bone to spies , Let us Have some quests, All that You give you take away so why not ,

  5. This doesn't effect attack builds at all. their votes are mute.
  6.   U can earn  Health Crystal in Spy Quests so its 
  7. 
  8. why anyone would vote against this is a mystery to me.
  9.  All the way..

    Spy Quests for Life!
  10. Me too awsome
  11. Cmon make em