Spy defense pots

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  1. I request to add scout spy defense pots. This should be added as gold sinker. Devs should also add scout attack pots. There should be added sound when get scouted. For example “Muahahaha some creep is watching you”. Or “devs watching your autoclicking ass and made musang cry on his sleep”
  2. Don't drink and forum, friend.
  3. +1
  4. Support, musang is a thinking guy, we need people like this to improve kaw, cuz let’s face it, kaw is whack and sucks us dry £££$$$$
  5. Support if the pots cost 1T per :)
  6. Spy defense pots? Haven’t heard of em.
  7. I want scout defense pots. Different kind of defense pots
  8. Lol mUsAnG's is getting butthurt from yafi so he needs the devs to make a special potion to ease the butthurt while he sleeps! Nice attempt with the alt claiming victory against yafi too mUsAnG lol the only clan you every killed was IDD with you ego and big mouth!
  9. Grate idea. Suport!
  10. You spelled a word correctly. Congrats, I hope your teacher gives you a big GOLD STAR!
  11. We truly need scout defense pots. This will sink more gold on the market. KAW economy too much gold. Not much stripping going on anymore. Devs have to figure how to slow down gold or how to increase steal loses. We should implement if you steal 100 fb 90% success should clear gold. I don’t mind losing gold. I just want a way to sink kaw gold. Also need to update kaw bots detector. This way strip defense bots that get caught using. Must not banned the account. They should punish by dropping all allies so he can start to scratch. This way we don’t lose a player and he can spend again to the game. I think all agree with me in this. Even YAFAILS will agree with me
  12. First time on forums in forever…

    And I just died.

    Thank you for this.
  13. Poostain is not drinking... This is his normal butt hurt self he’s just 2 cans short a six pack is his problem  every time we strip him his gums go to flapping nonsense  it’s really entertaining to watch him have a melt down  I’m sure with all his sleep loss an self pinning 24/7 it effects ya judgement
  14. self pin 24/7 or strip... which is it?
  15. Strip me? How did you strip me? Did you succeed or still dreaming. I sleep balls out
  16. Says the poostain who’s forever mithed up and hiding allies
  17. Leave what hanging out  we never noticed them but I’m sure we stepped on them but so tiny we would not noticed 