Spy actions register with 0 spies

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  1. It is a pvp event, and ik i shouldn't be complaining cus i took the risk, but it isn't fair that i get spammed with steals when my spy count is already depleted. I had decent amount of troop counts however, it is just annoying. Anyone got information regarding this?


    Timmy ️️
  2. As long as you have troops and gold out, you can be stolen.
  3. Read the mechanics thread noob. Read it. Memorize it. Become a little less noobish.
  4. Bumped thread for you
  5. Jesus see this is how much the so called veterans of kaw know
  6. To be fair, game mechanics HAVE changed over time. But yes, you'd think more would be more educated. (No disrespect intended)
  7. Having troops and gold keeps you open for steals timmy, either bank or dump your troops to avoid being stolen. Ignore the asshats on this thread
  8. I told him that! I'm being helpful for once!
  9. I only see one asshat
  10. Are you looking in a mirror?
  11. Pnz No i was thinking sushi
  12. That's what I thought you meant, but I like sushi. Great person, better KaWer
  13. As previously stated, you need to pin yourself to stop the steals, please refer to game mechanics that was kindly bumped for you.

    Locking as answered.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.