Spirit of the Holidays Fan Art Contest

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  1. Update 1/3/2014 - Finalists have been announced

    The holidays are here, and we want you to show us what the holidays mean to you. Using whatever artistic medium you prefer, create a unique piece of Fan Art that includes both Kingdoms at War and what you believe best showcases the true spirit of the holidays.

    Remember, the holidays can mean many different things to many different people. Whether it be sitting by the fireplace sipping hot cocoa with your clan, partaking in epic snowball battles against Calydor, or whatever else, this is your chance to get creative and score some Ice Moths at the same time!

    First Place: 5000 Ice Moths
    Second Place: 2000 Ice Moths
    Third Place: 1000 Ice Moths
    Remaining Finalists: 500 Ice Moths

    Submission Period
    (December 23rd - January 2nd)

    Share your creations with us by posting them as a comment in this thread. At the end of the submission period the devs will hand pick the ten submissions they feel best represent the theme and the rest will be up to you!

    Voting Period
    (January 3rd - January 5th)

    A forum post announcing the finalists will be created where you can view and vote for your favorites.

    Winners Announced
    (January 6th)

    The winners will be announced and will receive their prizes within 24 hours.

    Event Details:
    - Using any artistic medium available, create an original piece of Fan Art
    (Pen & Paper, Photoshop, Emoji, Crayons, or even snow!)
    - Fan Art must be Holiday themed and feature Kingdoms at War in some way
    - Upload your fan art to imgur or another image host of your choice
    - Post your creation in this thread before the submission period ends on January 2nd at 11:59PM PST
    - Cast your vote before the voting period ends on January 5th at 11:59PM PST)
    - Ice Moths will be gifted to the account that is used to submit an entry.
    - Multiple entries are allowed
    - Any entries found to contain copyrighted materials or stolen artwork will be disqualified

    By participating in this contest, you hereby grant A Thinking Ape a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license to exploit, commercially or otherwise, the drawing/illustration based upon A Thinking Ape Property that you submit to this contest for A Thinking Ape business purposes in any and in all media, in whole form or in part, including but not limited to, the right to use the materials on its websites, as well as for its internal, external, and advertising purposes.

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  2. Goodluck everyone️
  3. Awesome can't wait to see all the pictures!
  4. This is great! Can't wait to see the artists in kaw
  5. K\A/W

    The slashes symbolise togetherness or something...

    Give me moths now... My artistic genius has been proven
  6. Hope to see some awesome stuff! If i had photoshop on my PC i would use it...
  7. Can't wait!

    Reserved for my entries!


    KaW, I am posting this on a different account then the account I would like the moths on. If I win something on this account may it go to my other account?



    First Entry: *Paint Entry*

  8. Reserved for art posting.
  9. "any artistic medium available"? Was gonna do a poem, but it seems the art u prefer is a drawing/painting. Bummer.
  10. Reserved for my attempt at art... :lol:
  11. Kaw community, are we allowed to use any kaw logo, or does this count as infringing on copyright?
  12. Whatcha guys think of mine?

  13. Is photography art?
  14. love it! thanks!
  15. :shock: i am not good in designing...