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  1. OK so I guess however bad certain aspects seem. It should also be said that mrsspy does give their time and does put effort in to help create wars. This isn't aimed at anyone specific, but it's crazy how fast those you help will turn on you. Mrsspy your hearts in right place but gotta think before you act or speak. :)
  2. I agree syl some people will just make a complete *** of themselves over one stupid incident for almost no reason at all, funny how dramatic people can be, not aimed at anyone of course
  3. What does the * mean?
  4. Funny that you'd say that Sylver.
    Don't you think its fishy why a random 10m cs account would selflessly create rosters and wars for others? Why would she ask BG to make their rosters for nothing in return? No one in the game is ever that selfless, unless they are playing a whole different angle.

    Honestly the whole thing screams alt. The question is, whose alt is she? Another one of the Sylver army alts? :lol:
    Wouldn't be the first time that you've tried placing alts in EE clans and failed at it.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me 1 bit. No clans warring lets get another large clan to war so we stop getting nm
  6. Zie plot thickens
  7. Apology accepted.
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