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  1. Something To Talk About

    Hiya!! So as my first official forum post instead of just commenting here and there :lol: I'd like to ask just one simple question..

    Why Did You Choose Your Username

    For me..I chose Raveness because it was my very first name when I started this game back in 2012. I understand my acct doesnt reflect the date for a badge. I lost that acct when it wasnt required for you to have an ATA login on mobile. So after about a yr of playing I quit then came back, a select few know as Rose.
    But in choosing Raveness, my wish was to be different from the rest that were either using their own RL name or chose a name I was also coming up with in my head. But being a girl I couldn't simple just be Raven. So I came up with Raveness. Not a great story I know :lol: I chose Rose because I love the color red and my aunts middle name was Rose. It's just personal to me.

    So plz share what made you choose your user name, whether it be an "idk" or a great story idc. Aaaaaaand Gooo..
  2. Honestly, I just typed a few random letters together. And I got Aradus... ī’
  4. Had my name deathruler666 sense playing turrets on starcraft and Diablo 2 a friend and called me death because I lost or died a lot then I said there is probably a 4 inch line of corpes I didn't spawn "ruler" then 666 of course iron maiden
  5. I liked to play lego games and I was born in 03
  6. I used this name on my "alt" palringo account (for infiltrating groups) name back in 2010. When I came back after a couple years off, I thought it'd have a nice reprisal as my new in game account name. Plus, the name was unused.

    The name itself is a star wars character, and one of my favorite characters of all time (if not the favorite).
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  7. I like electricity and I was born in Watts so I added a Z. It used to be DubDub
  8. Erm I used my name!
  9. Mine is quite self explanatory Iā€™m just a spud šŸ˜‚šŸ’š
  10. I started using mine in gaming back when I had ps2 I played some off-road demolition derby game and one of the playable characters was Mister Fist. It was my favorite so I kept using variants of Mister Fist, MrFist and simply fist on many platforms. Including socials like pal and forums šŸ‘Š plus I like the fist emoji lol