Simple clan loyalty idea

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  1. Clan Loyalty perks

    Give out extra chest per week per time spent in clan, special loyalty chest with increased event item drops. 1 loyalty chest per week spent in clan up to a max of 10 weeks and 10 free loyalty chest per week. That is all
  2. tldr;
    pls give us loads of free stuff
  3. Please give me more free stuff than ^
  4. They already give enough out why would they give more?
  5. To encourage clan loyalty, duh
  6. "support dumping alts in clans so can farm chests" :lol:
  8. Still support it.
  9. I do not believe this would solve clan loyalty, and is highly abusable by alts.
  10. All right Winston, if this won't solve Clan Loyalty do you have any plans or ideas on how to? You are a game designer after all. It's literally more profitable to clan hop for ending EBs than to stick with a family. When are there going to be plans to address this?

    EDIT: your answer is extremely half hearted and I would go so far to say its almost rudely dismissive. A solution (albeit a poor one) is being offered to legitimately make the game better and this is the response you give?
  11. IMHO, implementing a poor solution is usually worse than (temporarily) no solution, when the given problem is a static one (i.e. not actively getting worse). That would be like turning off trades just to prevent people from farming charms with alts.

    Also, to be fair, Winston's reply was like 1/3 the length of the OP with just as much level of detail. And is wholly correct, think of the people who already run armies of alts. This would mainly benefit those players rather than the smalls I think.

    On the actual op, now that I'm invested anyways.... as a small, I would HATE to give up 10 free chests a week (about 1.5 bonus chests a day, that are even better than normal daily chests) to move up to a clan running a better rotation for my size, after outgrowing my noob clan. To the point where I may just quit, because my options are stagnate in the noob clan, or to lose my chest advantage for two months--and what new player wants to invest like that?

    As a less small, I'd hate to lose out on chests because I wanted to visit friends for a day. Or because of visiting a promo clan. Or because I might live in a weird timezone, get busy at work for the day, and need to get a second eb finished in time for the daily legend. Plenty of reasons.
  12. Perhaps instead of items, give the accounts that spend a certain length of time a % bonus? Either plunder or troopwise. Surely troops that are well rested and not loving about all the time would be stronger ;)

    This would also prevent the farming of charms etc by alts
  13. Awesome, I love healthy discussion. Here's where I think your entire argument falls flat. The devs need to make it clear to players on whether or not alt / charm farming is a legitimate thing. While it has been stated that people are allowed multiple accounts if they have multiple devices, then why are so-called 'alt-armies' looked down upon? If its perfectly OK to have multiple accounts why do people take fault to charm farming or transferring things to one main account?

    If devs made it clear or maybe made some items more soulbound (like current dailies) wouldn't these problems not exist?

    Also the current method of clan hopping is beneficial only because of Fatesand Token generation; it simply is too expensive to save for an upgrade when hopping gives a much higher chance of obtaining a method of upgrading. This is clearly a systemic problem with KAW; the value of EBs has degraded over time, can you imagine upgrading anything through only hitting EBs (that are not 500% crux'd NK)... it would be legitimately almost impossible. Maybe an overhall of plunder in EBs should be made (on top of the one that occurred a bit ago..) imagine if players were able to actually work towards BC without crestplates. Just food for thought.
  14. Well clan loyalty huh I been brainstorming on that idea, and in all honesty... clan hopper shop for their personal agenda. So that leaves their clans scraping.

    If people stayed in clan instead of hop that’s loyalty at its finest by helping the clan grow. Quicker ebs with clan mates there means more ebs completed. More completed means more gold for everyone. More gold means quicker upgrades. Quicker upgrades gives a more powerful player, more powerful player adds to strength of clan. Strength of clan in return means top tier ebs done quicker and even more growth for the clan members.

    What means more? Personal agenda or the family in the clan? It’s all up to the player. Loyalty starts with the player themselves not ATA and the game design.

    That’s just my 2 cents on this topic since it’s been long talked about.
  15. Stupid idea... All it means is a few clans will be super quick and the rest will struggle
  16. Many threads on encouraging clan loyalty, of the high this is the latest.

    Perhaps a simple question or two will suffice:

    ATA - is the clan loyalty issue one which you think is important and are working on a solution for?

    If not then is there anything the community could do to make it important enough to you in order to fix?
  17. Become hoper are much better lol
  18. I have some ideas and am looking into if they'd actually work, and if they're actually worth doing. I dismissed the idea because I don't think it would actually make the game better. Players would still clan hop, but they would create some more alts and leave them in inactive clans to gain free chests. Right now it appears as though players clan hop to 1) be more competitive in events 2) increase their frequency of % based EB drops such as Fatesand Tokens or Azure Souls. To combat this, a solution should ideally make clan hopping a tougher choice --> i.e what should players lose out on by clan hopping?