SILVER's false accusations

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  2. Roni Lolwut? I didn't even ask for the name Squishy to be freed up first of all. Secondly, my good friends quit long ago. I don't keep ties to many people anymore. I only have about 10? Or so friends that Know my old accounts.

    I'm sorry I don't care to let everyone know who i am.
  3. Op is doing shoutouts on his own butthurt thread.

    That's gold 
  4. I'm butt hurt one? Tell me why.
  5. How you lie squishy and have a short memory [​IMG]
  6. It makes me really depressed knowing people actually take kaw seriously nowadays
  7. A close up screenshot of you squishy telling everyone that you asked ATA to free up the screen name Squishy so you could take it. [​IMG]
  8. Kasama you spent hours n hours re vamping the Kaw players introduction thread for every player that wants to write a description about them selves .So people can see all who plays past & present .So obviously you take it very seriously also, else you wouldn't have wasted your life writing it when real life is your only concern.
  9. Not sure how people can call someone a bad wc when so many dont wc themselves. Its not easy and its always a learn-as-you-go process. Heck half you muppets are too scared to even track classic indi, but always first to tell someone else they're crap.
  10. Cool story bro, tell it again !

  11. This is gold.....squishy made to look a right ass here ....shots fired
  12. First you have to ss his allies and share it *cough*kingbrex*cough*
  13. I am not a he and I do not have any allies now because after the last event finished I left my clan because stopping doing eb's because moving house at the weekend .I always have allies when active on kaw but my priority's are else where.But everybody knows I have allies even when I was in the Zaft/apoc osw I always had them.
  14. Not talking about you roni
  15. Oh I don't know guess I did. Welp he was inactive. I don't see how it makes me an ass I don't even know who that is. :lol: I'm having so much fun here.

    And I do have a VERY short memory, I tell quite a few people that. Like I've told most people in me EE clan :) .
  16. I know how to wc in indi

    My win-lost ratio is 8-79

  17. Nice!!! :)
  18. Hate him or love him, give credit that someone else is willing to wc and war. Ee is going down so every other person whether leak or nub that wars is at least slowing its downfall.

    Plus, look on the bright side, you don't have to wc if someone else offers to whether good or bad :)
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