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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, May 2, 2017.

  1. Same problem here

    Said an email was sent but I never received one
  2. Ya I got to agree with everyone else, no email
  3. If we signed up before do we need to sign up again?
  4. No
  5. No email received even though I was contacted through help
  6. It's a Minecraft art style version of game of war more or less.
  7. You should really take this down if you don't plan on emailing us
  8. signed up but never got a confirmation email
  9. Signed up, got confirmation through help n waiting for follow up info on being in beta test
  10. I don't think you guys understand how upset I am that there is 0 krakens in kohf.
  11. But

    There are dragons
  12. I need assistance I cannot get into the beta after the reset
  13. theyre still resetting stuff its gonna be like another hour and a half
  14. There IS that one dragon that could pass as a kraken. But isn't a kraken. And I'm still upset. ?‍♀️
  15. Don't bother as they will reset your progress
  16. Well it is a beta....