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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, May 2, 2017.

  1. Signed up twice now still no word or play action on new game hmmm
  2. Signed up. Might be too late tho! :p
  3. Devs I've gone 2/2 on my beta testing sign ups.. make it 3/3 
  4. I haven't got an email yet. 
  5. You're probably one of the unlucky few like me that the devs left out
  6. Did you guys invite all current beta testers (legends) as well? Got an invitation even though I didn't sign up.
  7. Signed up
  8. Lol wow.. and then there's people like me who did sign up and want to play with no inv. screw uou devs 
  9. I'm a beta tester and didn't get insta-invited.

    Signed up, confirmed email and now I got a message saying I'll get more info when closed beta comes out.
  10. Signed up, confirmed email, nothing happens, the next day i get a "ty for conferming" 2 new tickets saying that i need to confirm... wtf
  11. I've gotten 4 confirmation tickets so far. You're fine
  12. Signed up, got a ticket about confirming the email but never got an email
  13. Did you send a feedback ticket confirming?

  14. I confirmed my email as well and yet to receive anything. Must've been a large group that signed up.
  15. Lots have signed up. This isn't a kaw only invite as well, the invites go out to anyone who signed up across all ata games. Many many people.
  16. Kingdoms of Heckfire is boring to me. I Played it abit, it follows the Style of those pure p2w Game of War Like games...nope, thanks ATA, i will Stick to this dieing game.
  17. PSA: If you signed up with a Gmail account, be sure to check the promotions tab. I nearly missed the beta acceptance email.