Sign up now to play Project Kraken!

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  2. Lets see if i get to try it out
  3. Looking forward to it :)
  4. Signed up for it as well. 
  5. pick me
  6. Signed up. Let's see if I can go 0/5 for being chosen to beta test 
  7. I signed up few days ago and haven't received a confirmation email. Is it because I'm on adrioid?
  8. Signed up
  9. Signed up with a new email address that is nothing to do with this account since I've lost access to that one hope that's cool 
  10. Done and done

  11. The in game email verification meant your device was supported and you will most likely be one of the chosen to test.

    As stated by kaw in WC today.
  12. This game should be for older than 9 so we can curse freely 
  13. The kraken beta went live almost 3 months ago, this is just the last chance to apply for it. They've been rolling out invites in waves :)
  14. My reply to them wasn't referring to this current batch, it was referring to the previous round of invites as I was replying to players who said they signed up ages ago. My statement has nothing to do with this round.
    But thank you for keeping us updated on what was said in wc today. :)
  15. Done, Brodie.️
  16. I mean for the actual gam release, not beta
  17. When will I get the invitation? I'd love to start playing.
  18. You got me excited with them help notifications when I woke kaw 