Should the US Close its Borders?

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  1. Im a citizen stupid
  2. If home is where you make it then in your eyes why are other immigrants like yourself not entitled to make america home? You sir are the biggest hypocrite and closet racist on this entire game
  3. Just like many of the immigrants like yourself could one day be citizens? Stupid? I will say this one more time look up the definition of irony
  4. I meant what it says. If we offered a global coalition for a unified government to end the fighting and eliminated all borders. Those that didn't want it could leave the vote to their people and if their people want it but the government won't allow it armies roll in.
  5. The economy in America needs to fixed, how is letting illegal immigrants in gonna fix it? The difference between me an them is Im not illegal fool
  6. Now you resort to calling me racist? You sound like a Trump hating black lives matter supporter. I hope you don't live in America, you are the issue, not only is America dealing with problems economically but SOCIALLY because of you
  7. Trump in one of his conferences, regarding oil plants in third world countries:

    "I'm going to bomb the ..... Out of them. Bomb them all, then once they're rebuilt, I'm going to take the oil". Lmfao.
  8. I bet you are a FREE INHABITANT type of person aren't you ninja?
  9. Why is the racist still talking to me?
  10. Fair enough. Never goes well though hey. Taking things by force is something I do but in the end you always fail that way.
  11. You sound like the typical stupid American who throws the word racist around. You disgust me
  12. You remind me of the stupid racist black lives matter guy who got owned by a 16 year old black trump supporter lol
  13. Actually contribute to the debate or don't post at all. Posts like this is why these forums are trash. Literally all you can think of is idiot. Are we 12?
  14. Uhm i know how the world works and right now it is being run by greed and that will never work. If we want a better world we all need to unite. And it's my opinion you don't have to agree but resorting to childish name calling proves you are no man.
  15. Im a muslim and i just dont care what you all say

    Just think there over billions of musilm around the world.. that all i have to say.. dont belive the media say just belive what you see in your eyes not evey 1 the same

    Meh trollers i wont reply to any of them
  16. Respect i read the Quran and i actually enjoyed it. Much better than any other religious text i have read. But let the people troll if it makes them feel better :D Me and you both know extremists and real muslims are different.
  17. This isn't just about Muslims and isis you idiots, some of you say we have fear of them lol gtfo I swear some of you are are so quick to jump to conclusions
  18. Lets just open our borders for everyone, that seems like a good idea. Every other county should do the same right? Lets drop our nationality, our citizenships and become FREE INHABITANTS. That sounds grand
  19. I can taste the sarcasm but that sounds like a good idea. We are all in this together are 't we?
  20. No you fool, such a thing would be pure anarchy