Should Statless and Miniature accounts be Banned from war?

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  1. I know this has been talked about before. But bear with me.
    Everyone knows Individual wars are full of moles. Random rosters go hand in hand with that fact. People adjust. I am not going to complain about moles.
    I will complain about Statless alts (300, 300, 150, 150) and The mini accounts, allowed to be a part of these weekend wars.

    Let me just tell you why I bothered to make a thread about this.
    WAR 21- Individual, we had 70 people in the clan.
    4 possible War Commanders.
    0 Trackers.

    It was decided 2 WC will make strategy and hope that some tracker shows up. No one did, we didn't bother. Targets were assigned and easy control was gained at start.
    We were doing well, stitting on repins. But then suddenly, this statless guy comes and starts spamming cc.
    It was funny at start, but then we started losing chat history fast, thus getting no info on repins.
    Still, those who were with me, kept following orders and kept warring.
    We had a 4.7 bil advantage till the final 9 minutes.

    The alt had quitened down in middle of the war and I thought it would be a nice end. But was it?

    He returned, spamming cc again.
    Was it funny that the opponents called a mass xtal at the same moment he returned?
    CC turned in a nightmare. All reds were hidden, finding ups was hard without xtals. Result? We lost by 2 bil.
    I am not saying that we lost just because of this. Hell, I don't even care. Wars are either lost or won, we lost. No problem, can win again.
    (2 teams refused to xtal too, :roll: )

    The point of my rant is, why the **** was this account, incapable of even getting a ******* scout on our smallest guy allowed to cast and war and ruin the fun for others?
    As many may know, the WC works double time. All time and effort goes down the drain.
    There MUST be a minimum set of stats required to war and atleast 20 action limit. If you can't get 20 actions, why war?

    Devs, I ask you this directly. I know you don't respond here anymore, nor do you reply to EMails, but I know you read. So read and ******* implement. You have screwed a lot of stuff, don't screw this. BAN these small accounts from war. EE is a good revenue for you, xtals and nobs are spent. Do not kill it.
  2. Tl;dr

    Grow Out of the bad bracket and let she sh and statless alts play.
  3. Shut up, if you just joined the game you would want to try all this stuff out, so why can't they? Now if it's an alt that is joined that's a different story.
  4. Precicely. There has to be a minimum requirement to EE. Moles and all are fine, can be dealt with. But people spoiling wars for others are just not cool.
  5. Support
  6. The teams xtaled but due to the fact of cc being spammed they couldn't find targets called out or follow reds. Just because you don't see the results you wished for doesn't mean it didn't happen.
  7. Maybe Devs shouldn't make same IP in 2 war clans. Must be a IP filter workout or something.
  8. I for one will not want to war with the stats of 300/300/150/150.
    And I never said people should not be allowed to war, read it properly. I just asked for a bigger bracker and banning of statless accounts from war.

    Need glasses? :roll:
  9. I'll plead the 5th on that one.
    Not discussing what happend in war here.
    Stay on topic please.
  10. There are ~20mcs accs in the top .-.
  11.  your accusing the wrong person of something. When you called an xtal I got blown up in 30 seconds.  on topic it has to deal with war and beginning post. Call me a liar again I'll show you my xtals 
  12. Geez. Read it properly lol. I did not take any names! :|
  13. Support - make a 150k CS minumum as well as 4 days playing
  14. 20m cs is big? Nope.

    You mean there are 12m cs on top.

    Omg unfair
  16. I'm defending myself and the team I was in because we did xtal and I saw multiple people say they did when it was called.
  18. Whoops that came out weird^
  19. The worse part is he reset right after war. It made what should've been a fun war into a mess ...forget being on phone trying to follow clan chat it was full of him spamming every few seconds ...I support suggestions from above.Definitely disillusioned. .. No fun putting all this work into warring for this outcome!