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  1. Not trying to post some huge long thread about ideas that haven't been pushed into the game yet, but seriously ata?

    Smash, ata's latest endeavor, has been receiving some interesting updates lately, among the most important is the ABILITY TO MOVE BUILDINGS AROUND.

    Now this is a little different for those who play smash because building layouts actually effect the outcome of pvp, so why can't we have it here where moving buildings wouldn't have such a profound impact on the game?

    We, as a community, are tasked with keeping our developers on the path of what we would like to see included in the game we pay to develop. This may not seem like a big deal, and it's not, but isn't it a precedent that we would like to see balanced between games?

    Tldr: smash can move buildings around why can't kaw?
  2. I tried smash once, lagged my phone out for a half hour, last time I will download it
  3. because this isn't smash...
  4.'re technically correct. But why are they getting a feature we've been asking for in many different formats, for ages?

    This correlates to other updates the community has asked for here, and the answer from our developers is overwhelming silence, or roadmaps they can't deliver on. It's just getting old tbh.
  5. Someone needs a new phone
  6. Smash still a thing? Lol. It sucked. Complete fail. Fun for first week then just boring w/o throwing crazy money into it. U guys think kaw is pay to win lol

  7. It's been revamped, not that I'm a spokesperson for them, but I think a lot of people tried to play it when it was in its infantile stages. They scrapped that and started over pretty much. It's a lot more stable now, and a lot more fun. So basically people should give it another shot. Again not the focus of the thread though 
  8. Honestly I don't understand why we can't move buildings around either, maybe you can in smash because the building alignment is for strategic purposes, it has no purpose in kaw lol
  9. But it's simple, and the community has asked for it multiple times in the past.

    The bigger question on a broad sense here is why not?

    Why can't we have what we ask for when it's reasonable and won't alter game mechs?

    Maybe more people should start asking themselves that sort of question.
  10. I won't support this. I have been playing smash since it was out. Many players there including me found it difficult and a need of this ability to move buildings around.

    The total strategy that u apply in smash is so much different to that of kaw. You cannot compare these games to each other.

    Like in the beginning I built those defense towers wherever I liked to and rest were the resource buildings. Later on I found more better ways to place my towers but the issue was that I had to sell the complete building to replace it with other one. The more worst thing about it was that the buildings you get are through rewards when u attack anyone.

    Once you use that building and then sell it , you lose that building and u can't rebuilt it on the other spot.

    That's the major reason to implement the moving of buildings. But in kaw u don't really need to move any buildings. It doesn't effect your strategy , game play or anything.
  11. So by this logic we can't have any improvements or enhancements to our game unless they are of vital importance?

    You must work for ata because everything they deemed unnecessary that the community asked for hasn't been given to us unless it was vital.

    Pay no mind to the masses who would like to see interface updates and more social features, keeping in mind that social aspects of this game were the original hook for large scale playing. Lol

  12. because its a different game....and them being able to move buildings is part of that game being different
  13. Why do you need to move buildings around. It's pointless
  14. I don't know what's wrong with op 

    Why the hell would anyone want to move the buildings ?

    Please stay calm, in a quiet room with no one else around you and answer this :

    1).how many times a day do u watch your lands and buildings in kaw unless you have enough gold to upgrade?

    2). How many times in a day do u watch your lands and buildings in smash ?

    3). Is it even possible for any other player to see your fancy fairyland in kaw other than the player profile? ( unlike in smash u can see ur opponent's land when u atk him, so keeping it fancy would mean something.. )
  15. Who cares about the placement of buildings in kaw. Half the people who say we NEED this are claiming they have ocd when they clearly dont.

    It has mo effect on game so deal with it. You built it so dont complain about where you put it.
  16. I've been moving my buildings around for ages.

    You are allowed to move a specific number of buildings per day. To calculate this it is:

    5 - (Total buildings / Swag) = Moves per day

    4444ndr333w may not be able to move his because he is causing a divide by 0 error.
  17. Ironic since I find you beyond pointless.

    But the idea is that it's a simple fix that many people have expressed interest in so why shouldn't it happen?