Shattered Health Crystals Ebs and Drop

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  1. I have an idea. How about a drop from an eb or a specific new eb that has a chance of dropping a few "Shatterd Health Crystals".

    These, After collecting a certain amount, Probably a high amount so farming these ebs would result in a few xtals being gained this way(Ofcourse got to keep devs pockets full) and after collecting a certain amount they could be combined to make 1 normal Health Crystal.

    This would allow smaller and less dedicated members to get xtals and grow more but not allow the bigger/ more dedicated(more likely to spend on the game) to feel like they've been ripped of and will probably still spend the same amount on xtals as these Shatterd Health Crystals would be difficult to get and buying would be far easier.

    What do you think of this?
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    Pretty cool idea. Support
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    Oh that's a pretty neat idea. Kinda like collecting scrolls to unlock the scrag eb equipment for enchanting.
    I support this idea. It's a much better solution than farming finished quests for nobs to use for a regen.
  4. Good idea. Guess would have to be a rare drop Tho. Alts may exploit it other wise
  5. Support
  6. I was thinking like how zoma is done, chest given at end that drops between 5-25. Need between 100-500 items to make an xtal was what i was thinking.
  7. So all EBs have a chance to drop these xtal chests with, let's say, the drop rate of seals/horns? And will the chests have two keys like the others? Or just the one since paying nobs to get xtal fragments seems and bit counter-productive.
  8. No, Either a specific eb would be created or an eb would drop it for a weekend. Eb would change each week and drops would change depending on which eb.

    It doesn't nessercerily have to be a chest, could be a normal drop end of eb drop. If chests are used one key would be needed that costs like 1k gold or somthing.
  9. Ohh. An eb rotation that would provide the drops. Kind of like how BR are done? Random EBs chosen and then switch after a while?
  10. Ofcourse there are some variables to deal with. How many per drop and how many to make an xtal are the main things.
  11. Yh, or maybe a smaller eb with a max drop of like 15 and a bigger eb 40 guarenteed. So all can benefit.
  12. Always will have to work out the kinks but I think it's still a good idea and worth elaboring on and hopefully catching the eye of the devs.
  13. Nah I feel like unlocking achievements should give small xtal rewards or nobs, to promote activity. Like you reach 100k attacks you get 2 xtals. Explore all of abyss you get 20nobs etc etc

  14. Good idea, both ideas could run besides each other. After a certain point in the game achievement's are harder to get so drops could be more but far less often but would benefit small members alot who get loads of achieves in the first few days, really get growth going
  15. Was bought up a long time ago.Devs don't like implementing anything that may cause a drop in their income.
  16. Support
  17. Fair enough but they already give xtals and nobs from quests. They wouldn't lose anything from newbs as when they get bigger they may buy some xtals as they like the benefits they give and bigger members and pay to play clans will always keep buying anyway
  18. I would like to see achievements become more of an incentive. The % bonus is nice, but how about like clan unlocks we're able to hit different ebs. This would encourage pvp quite a bit.