Shaker Aamer Released

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  1. Again I'll reiterate for you, thank god the judicial system doesn't work around people's opinions otherwise white supremacy in the mistreatment of other cultures would be more rampant than some trailer trash and elitists. We look towards evidence and claims to find the truth, one simply cannot claim someone else as a terrorist without some evidence, by that logic I could claim you're an ignorant moron with not even 2 brain cells to rub together, however we both know that isn't true by looking at tests you've done in school or intellectual conversations you may have had with people.
  2. Being a decendent of the people who bore the worst of both of those nations, yes I can.
  3. Hmmm. Native Americans?
  4. Yup well half, half Greek too weird combo I know.
  5. Don't sweat it. I'm part Irish part Indian part Scottish part English and part kenyan. Yay immigration :-D
  6. oh man you should see the mix of races in my house, only one person is just white lol even have a Japanese/Indian (eastern) roommate.
  7. I'm not a prosecutor or anything so you are all safe but what you said goes for op as well my opinion is MY OPINION hate on me if you want its not going to affect you or me.
  8. Haven't you lost your culture yet?! Why aren't you speaking a different language??? Assimilation doesn't work! Kick em out!
  9. Was that you're Hardline American Republican impression if so its amazing.
  10. Does it count towards knowing another language if I watch anime in Subs? I didn't want to learn French in high school I wanted to learn Spanish.
  11. I had to drop languages. I wanted to do Spanish but the teacher hated me :-(
  12. I know a lot of republicans who aren't racist bigots. Very intelligent people and we just happen to disagree on certain issues. Then again I'm independent I disagree with all parties on certain issues. Unfortunately, they have become overshadowed by the loud idiots who want to 'make America great again' by destroying everything that made us great in the first place.
  13. Yeah the Make America Great Again Republicans are the kind I call hard line. Can barely tolerate their ignorance.
  14. Make America great again!

    Trump '16
  15. Support Kanye '20
  16. Aamer should have been shot in the head and dumped in the bay and so should PipeBomb.
  17. You're a terrorist! Quick let's shoot him
  18. Support
  19. Oh wait! I can't do that. I have no proof.

    I'll just hold people in this place illegally, breach numerous human rights conventions and see if they admit something in the next couple of decades.
  20. Its a disgrace isn't it? Some of the American public seem to believe this will stop terrorism. No. Approaches like this create bitterness and can promote extremism.