Shaker Aamer Released

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  1. The idiocy is real.
  2. Prove he wasn't a charity worker and that he was a terrorist
  3. Before you call me a idiot go and do some research look particularly at his wanted list where it has no mention of 9\11 idiot.
  4. No. He was said as a terrorist. There's a difference. I don't think he shoukd have been tortured, but the actual terrorists should be
  5. Some forms of torture are a necessary evil.
  6. Only when absolutely necessary though.
  7. Bin Laden is a terrorist however and it is widely accepted he had a hand in 9/11. Aamer is not a terrorist.He was falsely accused and subsequently released.
  8. The burden of proof is on the accuser.
  9. "My thanks go to Allah first" says the 'terrorist" who is now expected to receive over £1million in compensation from the British tax payer.

    We play too fair. He should never have made it into captivity.

    Too many liberals like Pipebomb preaching peace and understanding whilst closing their eyes to our way of life being dismantled and subverted by extremist views from ungrateful immigrants.
  10. Allah means God. He is religious. He thanked his legal team and supporters as well. £1 million is too little for what that poor man went through. 14 years of torture. Isolated without his loved ones. He lost half his body weight and the first thing he has done in the UK is a medical check as he was neglected in captivity.

  11. Allah is God for Muslims. And the vast majority of Muslims aren't extremists. That isn't a liberal agenda that's just plain fact. Our way of life isn't being dismantled at all. You couldn't even give an example of how it's being dismantled you just are parroting fear mongering BS from the mainstream media. The only extremist views American is being subject to is from fundamentalist Christians who believe that their lives are worth more that others who don't believe what they do. So they subvert our constitution in an attempt to deny those other people rights.

    My eyes are open with a 360 degree view of the world. You have tunnel vision. It's obvious in the way you speak.
  12. I wish all murders, rapists were treated like terrorists. If I could change anything it'd be that
  13. Different murders and cases vary. For instance statutory or manslaughter.
  14. Would be depending on the jury
  15. What you are saying is its OK for everyone to widely accept bin laden was to do with 9/11 but people can't say this aamer guy is a terrorist I have no proof he isn't.
  16. The burden of proof is on the accuser dude.
  17. He was released after 14 years imprisonment and was never charged. Proof he wasn't guilty. Bin Laden was an actual terrorist though that is a fact.
  18. You CANNOT say bin laden is guilty.
  19. Bin Laden was a scapegoat.
  20. Yes I can.