Seems like im stuck

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by IlIll-Infraderes-IllIlI, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Ive dropped down from the ranks and its extremely hard to get cash now, 300mil for the next land! How did u guys get so much money fast? Any tips would be great by people who surpassed 300mil land
  2. I'm one land behind you and i'm #7 lol hehehhe
  3. They got it before the cap on plunder bonus
  4. I got mine by consistantly spying and then converting when I got bored and wanted to make a mental institution. Which is almost done btw
  5. theres a cap on plunder? how do we kno if we r not capped?
  6. Read the plunder guides...
  7. i hate the plunder cap its stupid in my opinion
  8. Without plunder cap certain people would break this game wide open
  9. Yeah. Took me a hell of a long time to save enough for 200 mil land. 300 mil will take another week. Sigh
  10. Good memories.

    LOL stuck on 300mil land.
  11. Yeah good Times..
  12. Lol. Nice. Makes you appreciate plunder received capable growing rate ATM.
  13. mikeysee is my old acc!:) diff device my old ipod broke