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  1. I would like to know when you register to KAW with your email username & login even with using a unique password can they see all details about your Personal data? I ask because in the game they can do bug fixes!!!....
  2. Any chance of the devs replying to my ticket from the 7th June? Tried to email...but you're only way of contact now is in game. So you don't answer people because they can only have 1 ticket open at a time? I want to come to a solution about my hacked/unsecure account!
  3. So I managed to send a new ticket and guess what the reply was "there was no breach" Change my password. Why would I need to if there was no breach? No proof or SS have been asked for, no questions thrown at me so can the Devs explain the "Thoroughly Investigated" please, I would love to know how you thoroughly Investigated a crime with no input from the person who it happened to. You can stick the game up your jacksey, no reimbursement for my losses. I'm not playing to start over and fill my now bare arse rooms that were once full 🤬 oh and I'll be putting a lovely feedback on Google Play for're welcome! 8 years playing and I'm treated like I'm the buffoon.
    Whoever hacked the account you're a horrid piece of work and a ****!
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  4. Thankfully I haven’t had a data loss, but this thread makes it clear that ATI is not a DEI friendly company and the responses people have received are clear episodes of victim shaming. I think this information should be passed along to organizations outside the game to see how the feel about this information.
  5. I personally think KAW needs to overhaul their security procedures. This isn’t the first time you’ve been breached, and when it happened to a close friend in the past you refused to assist him and told him he was SOL.

    We need to do better than this. At the very least add 2fA, seriously.
  6. Thoughts on having 2 factor authentication option when a new device is detected? Maybe just to have a text or email sent in those situations to make sure it's the original user?
  7. Two facts:
    1. You can try the password infinity times.
    2. You don’t get an email from ATA to inform your password has been changed.
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  8. First of all, you can change your password in game, all you need is the current password. The email that associated with ATA account does NOT play any role in this process. ATA does NOT send out any link or whatsoever to your email during or after the process.
    Second of all, if you don’t know your password, you can try the password as many time as you want, ATA does NOT lock you out or give you time out.
    Third, after trying as many as times you needed, you finally got the password, you successfully log into “your” account, ATA does NOT send out any confirmation or whatsoever to your email, so “you” wouldn’t know anything about the password was changed.

    If you don’t think these are true, test it out yourself and see. I did, on an iPhone 8+.

    So, dear devs, does this game sound secure to you?
  9. One more:
    If someone hacked your ATA account, and disconnected your devices, ATA does NOT send out any message or email to inform you about devices disconnecting.
    Devs, if you have any decency as programmer, at least admit that you didn’t have a test plan at all, and this system is not secure at all.
    Run the test, try to change your ATA password in game, see what happens.
    Stop blaming on players leaking their own info, they did not!
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  10. 2 Factor Authentication when logging in.
    Make it happen Devs!
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  11. yes, at least if logging in from a new device.
  12. Authentication yes to prove that the user who logged in is the correct user, but kaw never send me no authentication to prove that im the correct user for my account. Why is that not so??
  13. I believe some of these claims are true, just have to look at it this way, crooked kaw players messed it up not sure how its done, im sure people sell there things for real money then cry wolf, that messes it up for the real deal....sorry to all accounts that were hacked.......there will always be greed in this world Happy Kawing
  14. I was a victim of this hack they took everything. Been waiting a week from Dev team to see if there able to get back my stolen items. Very un fair that you send money on this game and it all can be taken away and that there seem like there nothing that can be done.
  15. I agree. There are many pay to pay members...Real money was and will continue to be used to increase size and stats. It is not the player's fault that the system was hacked, but the developer's lack of sufficient safeguards. Therefore the devs shod reimburse what was stolen.
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  16. I agree, it’s not enough dedication to a game that’s been out for over a decade. I am a returning player on a new acc and been a victim as well.
  17. ATA used to lock your account out after 10 failed tries when they first implemented ATA account moving forward from linking accounts using UDID... Why was that mechanism removed?
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  18. remember when they said that ATA accounts couldn’t be hacked due to their top tier defensive measures? fort knox falls apparently
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  19. Kaw has not been breached only the players account via email / password hacked 🐠💃