Season "S" suck not 5 KaW Promo

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  1. So Season S (suck) now have released and I don't see why the developers still won't consider the idea of using War Crystals for damn free. I aint spending a dime for 2 crystals per war. Yes, I am butthurt, a noob and one of those nobody who complains.

    So I see nothing new to this game. Boring as hell, worse than PimD and uglier than you.

    HTE? Why is it still open?
    Limited Edition?

    Been almost a year and you devs call this a limited long ass edition? I mean common! Cut the crap and give us Frozen The Escape for free. Events are much better w/o these crap Rotwb and HTe.

    Why am I back? Thought I retired already?
    Yes I am back but not back to playing this Epic Battle at Wars. Still busy with my college life.

    Developers if you are reading this thread. I have got em just for you

    Goodbye Chumps!
  2. OHHHHH.

    Iwas wondering why they made wars longer...2x the xstal money from ee people. Of course
  3. Clearly you didn't read the thread?

    First off, it's merely a proposal, therefore there is no guarantee it will come to fruition, especially given the immense feedback the devs have received. Stay tuned, the devs will have another **updated** proposal regarding Season "5" soon.

    Secondly, since today it seems xtals will be refunded in war. I got mine back today. If you want a screenshot I'll happily post.
  4. Complaining for all the wrong reasons lol
  5. My reasons are legit. Welcome to my world :)
  6. That's good. How can I xtal without an xtal? 
  7. Let's see....

    Currently there is a 2 week pve event. While I may not like it, there is free rewards such as xtals, crux chest, bronze bars and seals to earn for free on top of your basic activity.

    Go to a clan that rotates and you'll earn your xtals. :lol:
  8. Devs have already explained in a previous post that it is not possible to insert war crystals into the current system.
  9. Correct! As of today however, if you win or lose a war - you have the potential to getting your xtals refunded after the war ends. Which is really nice tbh.
  10. Lmso how is it not possible ? They are the devs anything is possible thr fact is they don't want too. Nothing is impossible in a virtual digital world just like recovering accounts after reset apparently that was not possible either. Devs are full of  as are heads of those who believe them !
  11. You obviously have anger issues, I recommend a counselor.

    Just because they are the developers and they created what we have today, doesn't mean they can just tinker with it without creating profound effects on the rest of the game. While I'm no expert, the devs are, and they would do everything they can to help the player base; they want this game to go on as much as we do.(It's how they make money)
  12. Normally I have time for everyone's opinion and views but you do not even seem to have the slightest idea of what you speak, ata do not care about kaw player base they care about "the next kaw" ie the next game like smash, they have been quoted on this, and Titan tried to put the views across of the kawmunity and Devs just ignored them all and fobbed everyone of, so yeah I do have anger issues ATM due to the shoddy way things are handled.
  13. •You don't know what you're talking about either, or maybe you do. Then you go help the devs and solve their war crystal problem, but most likely you don't know. how are you able to judge devs ability to better this game, if you yourself don't know what they have to do to make this game better.
  14. Another rant thread go figure.
    I complain n my own way..silence.
    I offer up ideas good n bad instead.

    Nothing new of course unless regurgitating old posts n repetitive ppl think it matters to others.
    Overreacting about a proposal that is many weeks away if it stays in its current form.

    I'm betting it gets revised n the ranters will deflect or find other pouty topics to post.
  15. So you believe they can give away free xstals but cant make war xstals? Or fix the hit range or fix the explote (round) wars.

    Hmm Jump little monkeys and fork over your cash $$$

    I will partisapte in season 5 for free , all done spending one more cent on this game.
  16. Idk a clan that S5 for free can expect much.
    Its a competitive event. Ppl r free to do as they please but on a team i hope its agreed n understood that its for free.
  17. •They don't give you xstals, they refund you the one you used. Much easier to do.

    •Don't think I mentioned anything about hit range or round wars, but I believe that those can be fixed.

    •I don't think your analogy applies to me, as I don't spend any money on this game.

    •From what I gather, you're not gonna buy xstals for S5, if I'm correct then I would hate to be on the same roster as you.
  18. Can't make war crystals a thing? ROGLMFAO they never said exactly why when we all know why...... THERES NO PROFIT IN IT FOR THE DEVS! Simple enough right? The idea of buying xtals w/in game currency hurts there sense of greed & pride. Instead they issued the "chance to win a xtal back" as a way to attempt to appease the masses & make people quit asking for war xtals.

  19. Why u never stop complainin'? Why dont just quit?