Season 5 - The Worst Season Ever (So far)

Discussion in 'Wars' started by NotTom, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. All I can say is lb/sh stacked wars. You guys couldn't stand a fair matchup. So you stacked. Now random potluck wars aren't fitting because you can't garanteed sucess every war. I don't like indy either but the stacked rosters caused this. How bout since it's not your build as you've stated that wins you wars then just grow help nerf sh then maybe clan wars come back....... haha wishful thinking huh lmao. Suck it up you helped create it now lie in it
  2. My build including bfa costs 5x as much as urs. It's perfectly fair that it has advantages against urs.
  3. Lmao @ the argument devs had to "think outside the box" because SH's are exploit builds.

    They didn't have to think outside the box, hell they didn't have to think at all.

    It's the devs fault for these "exploit builds" to be here in the first place. Instead of adressing these SSH issues = fixing the stacking problem, they decided to choose the easy way out and made S5 all indi.

    You telling me the players are the fault for "exploiting" the game mechanics lmao?
  4. I think all versions ee wars in general are screwed up in their own ways, but I think it'd be easier getting screwed in a war if it happened with people you trust.

    I remember this:
  5. I have changed build many times have spent more gold pissing about with my build than you have in bfa you have been a sh the whole time so sadly you are wrong and dont deserve any advantage.
  6. Lol you have no idea how much I have in bfa. And wrong, one (back in January of this year in fact) a friend of mine persuaded me to convert to try out primals. I spent 40tril converting to a nice hansel lel. Unfortunately warring as a "ps1" is boring as hell compared to ssh so I dropped back about 4 days later. Oh, and I was an attack build about twice ur size for about 2 weeks last year 
  7. Even if thats true and you actually grew some balls and upgraded. Why do you think you should have an advantage because you have bfa?
  8. lol I don't have an advantage other than the fact that all my stats are static not just defence. And I put in hella money to get it that way. BFA is an important part of them. If you don't like people with bfa whacking you, guess what? There are a whole load of allies out there waiting to be hired 
  9. Difference is my stats cant dissapear in a couple hours yours can.
  10. I'm just curious, but why do you think he shouldn't? Any of us could drop build for this same advantage.

    Personally, in this game I think it take more balls to be a sh. His stats can all be taken from him.

    Someone like me doesn't have to worry about waking up one day without any allies, because they don't affect my build at all-in fact they are more of a liability in war. It would ruin 5 minutes of a day. Sh risk so much more...

    Also, I wonder what Tom makes per hit on an eb like HTE...?
  11. Probably makes about the same as me on hte.
    And he doesnt deserve anything special because he chooses to be a stable build and hoard allies.
  12. I make 90m on hte with ee5 
  13. That's not much.
    I make 230m with EE2. 

    Imagine a maxed out hansel.

    Honestly dropping build to war or anything doesn't seem so appealing, considering the plunder buildings on the abyss give.

    I rather max stats and make a ton of gold. More VFM when burning xtals on a HTE.

    Isn't the whole point of this game to grow?
  14. Exactly. Being a ssh sucks in every situation except EE
  15. Everyone intidle to there opinions. We all play differently n all hv different builds to each there own . Lots of hating on tom it seems. Just rember u to could hv a build like toms. Indy is a lottery pure n simple its designed for all xtals or not in actives really suck but hay can't control that I guess. Its been a ok season I think could be better but what can't be better. Good luck to all
  16. He wont be complaining once he recieves his reward.
  17. I remember the day that devs offered the players one day to tear down their towers for 100% value. The reason was that it was ruining the game. Funny that towers rule EE wars nowadays.

    Seems that exploit build can get a different meaning
  18. I'm sick of going against people who has moles on the other side of the clan whether I'm on winning or not. They know who they are.
  19. Basically the devs have got so possessed by trying to micromanage the EE wars that they've forgotten what the most important part of the game is. Ie kawing with ur clannies, the banter, the highs and the lows with them.

    Actually I don't care whether I win or lose and EE as long as it's fun. I really don't care about the equip which gives very little in reality to any BC account.

    I want to war with my clannies full stop.

    Primal isn't the answer either imo.

    Devs please sort.

    Love Wyth xxxx