Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds (Reward Suggestions)

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by King-Arthurs-Corp, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Support! Maybe a little too much. Reduce BB and Mith by 25% and we are golden.
  2. Support to any of those the rewards does help replenished the gold we use
  3. Well 9T really isnt that much for bigs in an HTE clan. With 1 person on items +max xtals. One person can make almost 1T per 2 Ebs. Thats close to 16ebs or 7-8T in an average persons awake time. (Depending on when they go to bed) Now think about how much they would make in 4 weeks instead of warring. (Which slightly slows there gold income)
  4. Still ridiculously excessive^
  5. Well yeah. Never said it wasnt. :lol:
  6. 2 weeks for 150k bars. For an eb event. But kingdoms at WAR cant give people that actually war gold back? I mean they should have done this in the first place
  7. Nice effort you put in there. Although some rewards do feel like a little bit over the top.
  8. I like suggestion 2 the best. Rewards are reasonable.
  9. I think there should definitely be more rewards for the season, but I think the bb counts are pretty extreme. I can get behind a lower amount.
  10. Increasing rewards based on PvE event comparisons only further exacerbates the problems with EE. War needs to be its own entity n distant itself from EB's/Events.

    Ridiculously too high rewards for a short 4 week season that brings out all the greedy hunters n waters down warring.

    Note: any mention of top 500 will need further tweaks eg 6 wars daily to even be relevant.

    Remove the added EQ n BB n Chests.
    Add a special PvP spell 5% 10% 15% 20%
    Lasts 4 weeks
    Add a special PvE spell 8% 12% 20% 30%
    Lasts 4 weeks
    EQ Enchant boosts past previous level 10
    1 boost for each tier attained to max Level 12

    Too many EQ as is with the proliferation of events n getting out of control.
  11. Support!!' FOR 4 weeks long we need bigger rewards!!
  12. Timers back. Same old rewards :|
  13. As much as I like the rewards especially the random equipment drops, i think we should be able to select which "random equipment drop" we get. The bronze bars rewards are also a bit off the top imo. However what i think matters the most is not actually the rewards, it is the fact that people like me love to war for the thrill of it and the timings of war doesn't suit most people around my timezone.
    In my opinion, rewards aren't the most important (for me), all I really want is a decent timing to war. Currently, I barely can war once a day with the absurd timings devs gave us for this season.
    However good job to the op for his effort and I definitely want devs to implement either suggestion 3 / 4 however they need to be a bit nerfed.
    I really hope devs listen to op as it looks like he put in a lot of effort into this thread so support
  14. Come on devs give us something we want
  15. Why do noobs copy paste Ops entire post?
  16. More wars n less events
  17. Suggest Crystal return for winning side! Or top 10 action winning side..
  18. Suggestion no 2