Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds (Reward Suggestions)

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  1. ️You didn't account for money lost that we could have been doing EB. I make 10b per hour on hte. 2 hours lost due to war. I don't like math, but you get the point if we do every single war
  2. Lmao is this a troll?
  3. Greatest wc ever - ehhhhh it's the fonz
  4. 100 planar medallions is still too much
  5. Support, so much mucho support for these tweaks
  6. Devs, just regain everyone's confidence and trust in you by changing s5...

    Nope nope nope lol dreams lol
  7. 400,000 bb are you nuts? dont get me wrong i would love to get this many but really thats over kill. thats nearly 10trill
  8. @The god posiden . I know its not spelt right but you forgot all the mith you'll have to buy . Mine cost almost 3bil a piece . Everyone knows you cant win every war. If you max mith it would cost you over 100 bil .
  9. I calculated my hourly remuneration at work. Might wanna petition the devs for cash back for playing this game too
  10. Of course handouts r popular.

    Sure make a farce of a short war season n give rewards away like candy n ppl quit once they get their goal.

    Nothing more than a veiled attempt at making S5 just another event.

    War should be about war n war as often as possible til it ends.

    Its sad enough any build can enter as an interlude to eb's.

    I will support this idea upon proof that more ppl will war in eanest n that EE participation improves in a very significant way.
  11. War is what should drive this game and rewards for season 5 should reflect this. They must be far superior to eb event offerings to encourage greater participation.
  12. I believe most players don't buy mith normally, only players doing there first wars need to buy mith. If people get low they generally start to only cast 14 per war. This is especially the case in iwars where people rarely max cast as no matter how strong your roster is there is always a risk of inactives or leaks.
  13. As much as I like big rewards. Most of these suggestions are excessive... 400k bars?!!! 4k mith?!!
  14. Warriors drive wars...
    Problem is rewards galore already have diluted KaW. Gimme a break about rewards.

    Try this maybe....
    No events n no rewards for collectors only.
    War with any rewards would appeal then.

    More heaping of rewards is not the answer.
  15. Love but rewards get just a little to high
  16. You're very right these are really high I mean 400k bars that's 9,000,000,000,000 that's a huge amount and 4k mith you could buy so many mith equipment
  17. What is so special about rewards that happen so easily n often?

    A: Nothing at all when everyone feels entitlement is do a little bit n get rewards.
    Cheapens the satisfaction if there even is any anymore.
  18. Devs, think about it. Its counterintuitive to not listen to the community. If you keep the rewards as they are, we will have less incentive to war=less xtal money for you. If you make the rewards more appealing, more of us will be encouraged to war=more xtal money for you.
  19. More rewards means more idiots warring without mith/xtals etc.
    Keep cheapening rewards is asinine.

    Common sense works
    Put ur hands back in ur pockets
  20. Yes devs pls do what he suggests I need to gold